Thursday, March 15, 2012

Peace, Love and Ice Cream.....

Who doesn't love Ben & Jerry's?  We headed to Waterbury, VT to do the factory tour and tasting on one of our first days in VT.  This proved to be a great time.  No lengthy blah, blah, blah about ice cream making or a long winded tour guide.  They kept it simple and inexpensive and our tour guide was a riot.  They had our attention the whole time.  I was quite impressed.

Evan "stole" the farm lunchbox (he's holding it in above photo) from the gift shop and insisted it was his.  (He even put some other gift shop item in the inside)  In true Grandma fashion, my mom said "How much is it?!"  I replied, "are you gonna carry that on the plane?!"
The kids were pumped up!
One of my favorite parts was learning about the history of the company and the overall company philosophy:  "If it's not fun, why do it?"  I think this might be a good way to approach life.  Except then, who would do my laundry or feed the kids?!
Who doesn't love a good cut-out to stand behind?  It brings out on the kid in all of us!  This is Lauren and Grams gettin' their Jimmy Fallon on!
I have not tasted the Greek yogurt yet, but I'm quite obsessed with the regular Greek yogurt.  Lauren looks like a natural born Greek!  : )
Evan, Lauren and Grams....
We got as many free samples as we wanted and they were very generous.  Lauren turned to me and said, "Okay, I'll have strawberry cheesecake."  Of course she HAD to have a pit-near $5 cup of "HER OWN" ice cream.  So I made her share with her brother.  And they ate every last bite.  My kids have severe sweet tooth's that need to be curbed! 
The kids were all about the photographs!
"Vermont's Finest"
All Natural...
Look at that my friends!
I'm in a photo!
(wearing my hideous ski jacket!!!)

I love this one!
Evan can barely get half his head in the "Ben" side!
It's the Cow mobile!
Me and Mom!
(For those of you who know me so well, I did indeed purchase a t-shirt!  I decided against the tie-dye even though it was calling my name!  I still have the very first tie-dye t-shirt I ever purchased in Madison, WI on State Street.  I will never get rid of it!)

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  1. Awesome. Just awesome. I want to start a life goal of tasting every B&J flavor there is. I just decided that right this second. In reality, I haven't tasted more than a handful of flavors and haven't had any in years. But omg so good....