Friday, March 23, 2012

Quilt Love from Lovelies in my Life....

Do you know about a blog called Lovelies in my Life?  Please check it out!  Kristy is from South Africa but ended up in Green Bay, WI (which is quite close to where I grew up) and she's a fashion superstar and also spotlights her photography business, home and family life and the occasional recipe.  It's all done in a very lovely, special, almost quiet way.  If you can describe something as quiet!  It's exactly as the title of her blog explains.  A few weeks ago she had a give-a-way of this wonderful handmade quilt.  I fell in love at first glance of her son and the quilt which you can see here.  

I ended up being the very lucky winner of the quilt! 
Those big flowers are my favorite part!
For now, the quilt has found a home over one of the leather chairs in the room where we watch T.V. and hang out the most.  
You might think a handmade quilt wouldn't work with your theme or decor, but it's universal in it's charm and character.
Knowing that somebody used their hands and skill to transform fabric squares into a piece of art makes me appreciate it even more.  I dream of special things like this being around fifty years from now.
Little pops of color and fabric changes on every angle!
Somebody loves it!

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  1. It looks wonderful! So happy that you like it. :)

    xx Kirsty