Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Snowy Sleigh ride in Stowe....

Could there be a more perfect place to take a sleigh ride than snowy, picture-perfect Stowe, VT?  This was a highlight of the trip.  I have always wanted to take a sleigh ride.  The kids were delighted.
Mr. Striped hat (Where's Waldo?) is Bengt.  Our luggage was lost and we had to make due with what was at the house.  It was slightly snowboarder cool and slightly geeky!  
 The kids played on a snowmobile while we waited for our sleigh.
The horses were huge!  The sleigh ride place was appropriately named "Gentle Giants Rides."
 Daddy and Lauren...
 Evan and Grandma....
 A little road soda for the sleigh ride.  And by "soda" I mean wine!
This is cousin Eric and his daughter Anna.  Her little Hanna Andersson coat with tassel on top matched the scene perfectly! The snow was gently falling and I felt like I was transported onto the movie set of White Christmas.   
 Bundled up...
 Love Dog #1
  Love Dog #2
 Lauren's face is priceless in this one!
This is perhaps where you would see a photo of ME, however, I was the photographer!  
This photo makes me laugh.  I love it!  Bengt and Katie were on speaker phone working out the whereabouts of our luggage and Eric just nonchalantly put on a pair of ski goggles! We arrived in Stowe on Saturday, our luggage (luckily) arrived on Sunday night.  We were travelling with Eric and Katie and family and their luggage didn't come until Monday night.  Moral of the story:  Do not travel on the morning of the previous nights merger of United and Continental Airlines.  No record locators could be found for our flights. Hmmmm, a simple email giving us a heads up to "expect issues, long lines, chaos, a big fat mess" MIGHT have been a good idea.  But heck, that would have been too simple.  Corporate America and communicating to their customers just makes too much sense.  Grrrrrrrr.  The airport was madness when we arrived.  We got escorted through security and ran to the gates just to make the flight. But in the end, we were off to Stowe, so ultimately it worked out.  

More travel highlights to come!  I have to break it down day by day so I don't kill you with 200 photos!

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