Monday, March 19, 2012

A Stowe Dream House....

Here are the photos you have been waiting for!  The magnificent home we stayed in for the week.  (Yep, it's the "official" 2010 HGTV Dream home!)  The above is the view straight out to the mountain and the ski slopes.  
The "gathering room"...I loved that there was not a T.V. in this room.  Isn't having a conversation a radical idea?!  We stayed up drinking wine and talking in this room while listening to music.  Perfect.
 The "cloud" sculpture...
I love copper.
This was a perfect little reading nook.
The kids removed the pillows all week and built a "coyote house" under the nesting tables.  The jumping from couch to the mound of pillows was strictly forbidden.  (when parents weren't watching!)
Lauren has a little snack at the dining room table.  The chairs were actually office chairs that can be adjusted up or down and I think it was a great idea.
The stairway to the downstairs quarters.  (It was like a separate house down there!)  This is where we stayed.  I loved the wood and metal combination.
This is the downstairs lounge area.  I adore the lime green couch.  So unexpected and cool.  The "tree beams" were my favorite.
View from the other side of the room....Bar area and door to enter into the "modern hotel suite."
The doors were old and added so much character to a modern space.
 One of the many pieces of local art in the house....
An old barn door as "art" on the wall.  Now I need to find one and put it in my basement.  I love old mixed with new.
The bunkhouse were the whole family stayed...(sleeps 8!)  The drapes closed and created a dark little cave.  I could have slept for days snuggled up in here!  This was also a perfect place to send the kids away for a little chill time.
 Mom shows us the Vermont art....
The "bar" which contained refrigerator drawers and a microwave.
 This was my favorite lamp...
The coffee table was metal and glass squares could be moved to make way for the sleeper sofa.  (if you really need MORE space for people to sleep!)
 Chilling out...

 The bookcase and art on the way up the stairs....
 Cool, old door and more art as you enter into the suite where my mom stayed.
The mud room.  Everyone should have a mud room like this.  It's set up for skiers with little cubbies and closets for equipment.
 The boys set up a little play zone at the top of the stairs....(yikes!)
 The ceiling....another favorite.  (If I had to make a list!)
Dining room table decorations....
 My dream stove and flat top!
 I cannot even begin to describe this VENT to you!  It was insane!
 A highlight of the kitchen!
 The hub of the house....
Blueberry Pancakes...
Burgers for lunch....
 This trip was all about the "chilling"!!!
The control room!

That's enough for one post!  But, oh, yes, I have more!  Many more!  I couldn't get enough of taking instagram photos of the amazing house.  

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