Thursday, March 29, 2012

T-shirt Memories.....

In my on-going attempt to NOT be a hoarder, I recently went through the stacks and stacks of my t-shirt "collection."  That's what I like to call it.  A collection.  Because when something is a collection you can't help but to add to the collection.  Nurture the collection.  Watch it grow.  Browse with me through  my collection and indulge me as I take a trip down memory lane.  (my favorite kind of trips!)  Many of these t-shirts were stained or too big and boxy looking and I won't wear them anymore.  So I took pictures of them instead of keeping them just for the memory!.  I have incredible memories attached to each trip t-shirt, and as my mentor and idol, Peter Walsh always says, if you have the memory you don't need the thing to remember it!
Sea Oats Motel, Destin Florida~ 2004
(The only reason you see a date here is because I asked G)
I remember with glee and delight going on this trip.  I did not have any children.  I went with three other girlfriends and we rented a convertible mustang.  Oh wait, that was the first trip to Destin with my girls.  This was the second trip.  We rented a condo and our friend G's adoption from China was finally happening.  We had a surprise (but it wasn't) baby shower for her.  It was glorious.  We literally did nothing but lay on the beach, drink all day and get dressed up for dinner out.  It was a transition point in our lives for all of us.  The next time I came to Destin I was pregnant with Lauren.  I can't wait to take my kids back to the white sand beaches of Destin and comb the beach for shells and dig in the sand and get water to make wet sand.  To dig holes in the sand to stick my hot feet into.  To run and dive into the cold water just to get the hot sun off my skin.  To celebrate life in a way I cannot do quite like at the beach.

From this point forward you will not see dates for any of these trips!  I am just not good with dates.  I write them down in journals or on the back of Christmas tree ornaments and sometimes photographs.  I remember my Great Aunt Ruthie telling me how important it is to write the date on the back of something because you think you will never forget, but when you get to be 78 years old you realize you did forget!
My sister Tracy lives an hour or so away from  Cape May, NJ and it reminds me so much of Door County, WI.  We usually make a trip to this lovely shore each time I visit.  We eat lunch or brunch and walk around all the shops and stores.  We buy salt water taffy and stop in at The Ugly Mug Pub for a pint. The first time I visited Cape May, Lauren was 6 or 7 months old and my sister's son Liam was teeny tiny freshly born. (baptism time)  I bought matching outfits for the kids to wear just like everyone in my family did for Tracy and I. (being 17 months apart in age will automatically put you on the "twins but not really" path when it comes to clothing!)   I was wearing white pants and got my period.  Um, hello!  Are you kidding me?  When you don't have a period the whole time you are pregnant and nursing you kinda forget about that pain in the ass that comes every month.  I had to use the public bathrooms near the beach and pray that those machines that sell tampons and those (ridiculously HUGE) pads still existed.  They did!  I survived and we had a fun day.  (no blood on the pants occurred in case you are wondering but it was a close call!)
Las Vegas trip with my girl B!  Lauren was two years old and my mom came to stay for a long weekend while I rejoiced in some serious fun.  Drinking being the "fun" keyword in this trip!  We also ate, sunbathed, pooled, stalked Bobby Flay, pretended to gamble and laid in the bed at the MGM and relished in the "you can do nothing or anything" kind of days.  Every mom needs a get away like this after your world is shaken up   (in both emotionally good and life-changing ways) by a child.  I had a grand plan of getting pregnant again after Lauren turned two.  Life presented me with a pregnancy not two, but three years later and it worked out for the best!  Vegas is the perfect get in and have some serious fun and get out type of trip.  No more than 4 days is needed! 
First trip to New Orleans.  Another girls trip.  No kids.  (See how these things just go together?  no kids=girls get-away trips!)  It was discovering 'Nawlins and reconnecting with an old high school friend.  Again, more drinking.  Throw in some butterfly tattoos and a couple of belly piercings and I'd call this trip a success!  (Guess which one I got?!)  This was the kind of trip where your girlfriend is designated "MVP" on the first night because she was over served one too many hurricanes and went in the bathroom to puke and returned to say "I feel better."  "I think I can have a drink."  Lordy, remember those days?  I'm not sure I am I glad they are over or desire a few more now and then!  Maybe it's the carefree-ness of them more so than the drinking!  Kids really do a number on spontaneity!
Destin, FL again.  Nothing beats a breakfast at the Donut Hole.  I ate crab cakes benedict!  I mean really!  Can you get any more delicious than that?  I do believe my best girl B really really wanted a purple t-shirt and they didn't have it in her size.
Destin, FL (I went there three times so I kept the "collection" fresh!)  Rx:  Take a glass a day to keep the brain clear and the body relaxed.  And that is exactly how the beach makes me feel.
This was the hubs.  It had a big stain on it and I finally let it go.  He doesn't even know its gone and never will.  I purchased this t-shirt for him on my first trip to Boston with my other best girl B to visit an old high school pal.  This trip was a life-changing one for my sister, who happened to be in Bean town as well.  She met her husband!  This trip involved pub-crawls, hang-overs on the subway, (imagine a hang over and all that starting and stopping and potential puking....yuck and it wasn't me this time!) peeing on rooftop decks, doing vodka shots out of china teacups, clam chowder, countless photos of doors, getting sunburned at the Red Sox game, certain people who are now married (and shall remain nameless!) making out in the stairwell of said rooftop.  Just a classic trip that will go down in the record books.
I heart Door County 4-ever.
And for the record a Ben & Jerry's and Vermont t-shirt were purchased on the trip!  I will never stop "adding to the collection" and weeding and feeding it!  The key is to keep donating things.  I went through all the kids books today with the help of Lauren.  (Evan just wanted to keep everything!) We donated over 100 books.  Some I was not ready to part with yet.  Some of those books represent the very first days of Lauren's life and sitting in the nursery and rocking her and reading them to her and being so postpartum that I couldn't get through more than a sentence or two without busting out in a cry.  But it makes me feel good to know that all that love we gave those books, all those hours of reading and cuddling and laughing and questioning....all that good book karma will be passed onto the next children who read them.

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