Friday, March 16, 2012

Trapp Family Lodge Snowshoeing...

We checked out the Trapp Family Lodge and took the family snowshoeing near the end of our trip.
Rain was on the horizon and it took far too long to outfit adult and child, but we did it!  I have always wanted to try snow shoeing so nothing was going to bring me down!  This is Eric and Katie and their children Anna (in baby bjorn!) and Nathan and Evan wearing his sister's down vest because I forgot his ski jacket!
The views were amazing.
This photo is me looking back and wondering were Bengt and Evan were.  It took a bit for Evan to get going, only because he was so into the poles instead of just walking.  At some point I yelled "just ditch the shoes!"  and we did and Evan was delighted to just run/walk along with us.
 These are all the metal buckets on the sugar maples collecting sap.
 We are finally off!
 This is me and Katie, or rather, our snow shoes!
Nathan, Evan and Lauren take a pit stop....

 No one was happy until we took that lid off!
I'm not sure what exactly was in there!  Was it just water?  Bengt and Eric tasted it and both agreed it wasn't sweet.  (Well, we do know that maple syrup doesn't come straight from the tree!)
Lauren had many snow shoe malfunctions!
(Patience in parenting and all outdoor sports!)

 We snow shooed to the Trapp Sugar House...
 The weekend of our departure Trapp Family had a big "sugaring" event planned.
 Nathan and Lauren pose for a photo...
 Evan was very delighted by a trailer...
(He's a boys boy!)
 Oh!  Look at that!  I'm in a photo!
I think we look pretty professional!
 And here's the whole Anderson Family!
 Heading down Maple Lane....
Ready to follow the sun back to the lodge....

 Following up our snow shoe escapade with a little Trapp Family Brew sampler....
 Taste test....
 Ending lunch with a treat!
Grandma was with us after all!
The weather was rather warm and the patio had a great view of a tractor in the parking lot.  (Good for little boys named Evan)
A very fun day in Stowe.

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