Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Wrap Up...

 DOUBLE YOKE while making deviled eggs!
 Rumor has it a double yoke is good luck!
 I'll take it!
 I made these two incredible deviled egg fillings from Epicurious.com  Capers and TarragonGaram Masala with chutney eggs.  We went to an Easter BBQ where I was planning to fill them and garnish them in a lovely way the hostess had regular hard boiled eggs with Swedish caviar on top and some others with pickled herring.  Therefore it was stated that I should not fill them.  So we did not eat any of them.  I have all these eggs and two containers of the filling in my fridge.  That's great!  Does anyone want to come over for gourmet deviled eggs?!!!!  Sometimes I think I should low-ball it when it comes to bringing things to parties or events.  I like to go out of my way to do something special and nine times out of ten it just doesn't get appreciated and I end up feeling like I wasted my time/energy/effort.  
Let me also say that filling LOTS and LOTS of plastic eggs with jelly beans and candy treats and lots of coins from the change dish seems like a whole lot of effort ONLY to put all the candy back in a bag and all the coins back in the change dish!  And who does both parts?  Mom with a capital M.  Dad did put all the eggs outside and inside this year.  (So there's that)
The only reason I do it (and complain) and will continue to do it (and probably complain!) is that it's all about our own family traditions.  I think of all the ridiculous things my mom did for my sister and I each holiday season and tell myself to suck it up.  It's my turn now.  Don't you just want to NOT be the mom sometimes? Sometimes I wake up and think, "When did I become a grown-up?"  It still seems crazy.   
 Classic chocolate bunnies....
(not solid because any good Easter bunny knows that you can't just bite into a solid bunny without losing a tooth)
 Jelly Belly's....
 Spider Man swim goggles!
 Searching for eggs on Easter Sunday morning....
It was far too chilly to go out and help.
I took this photo by zooming from the deck.
Mom's can only be expected to do so much in any given holiday.
 The Easter Stump Cake!!!!
The little bunnies are searching for all the plastic eggs mom's filled as they walk through the woods!!!!
Do you like Peeps?  I despise them.  I was delighted to use them as garnish!

I purchased a "stump de Noel" cake pan from William Sonoma after the holidays for $5.00!!!  Those cake pans cost a small fortune.  I'm not sure if I was drawn to the price or the stump!  Needless to say, I had visions of stump cakes beyond this:
Although, isn't that cool?!  And pretty easy really.  A chocolate cake mix and some chocolate drizzle....I will not be making the fancy cake recipe or jelly roll that the recipe calls for.  I like to keep my baking super simple but with some wow factor.  Hence, the cake pan!
So I made the world's easiest and most delightful cake ever:  the beloved rum cake.  I can make this puppy blindfolded!  The glaze is simply a stick of butter melted, a cup of powdered sugar (I've used granulated sugar  lots of times but the powdered sugar is KEY!) and 1/2 cup of dark rum.  I use whatever kind of rum I have on hand.  This time it was Bacardi.  This time I added a few tablespoons of lemon juice and a bunch of lemon zest to the glaze and it was the best.  I'm gonna use zest in the cake next time as well.

The kids used some adorable stickers that the neighbors brought when we dyed eggs together (also from William Sonoma) and I reused them by attaching them to a toothpick.  I was pleased with the finished product.  

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  1. Hold the phone. I'll be right there to help you with your deviled egg dilemma. I mean, what is a good friend supposed to do in a situation like this? I would also eat some cake. Just an FYI. XO