Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Fab Finds....

New chairs!
There is a certain church thrift store that I frequent and these chairs have been in the back room for as long as I can remember.  I never gave them much thought until the last visit, after I left the store and returned home and keep thinking about these vintage school house wonders.  (Might I add they were $3 each!)
I literally could not stop thinking of the possibilities.  I then hoped and prayed they were still there the next time I visited.  (Chances are, they would be.  This store is not a super popular one and if they were there for years I didn't suspect a run on vintage school house chairs would crop up overnight!)  When I can't stop thinking about an item, I must return for the goods!
I am dreaming about what to do with them.  I do like them just the way they are, but the spray paint and decorative options are really quite endless!  Stripes, poka dots, the kids names, a compass or a solid bright poppy color....
How many photos can I take of some old chairs?  Oh, but just think of the children who sat in these and read and learned things and did math and daydreamed about being outside on the playground instead of inside a school room!
Lauren said, "Mom somebody wrote on these chairs."  Yep, and that's why I like them !
When pushed together they resemble a bench.
Classic Evan.
I love this photo.
A serious discussion while watching cartoons.
So I'm mulling around with all my ideas and will update you on the finished product!
Another find:  Not one, but TWO pillow covers from Goodwill for $1.50!  The hubs travels to India at least once a year and tells me that the prices I get on these Indian thrifted things are cheaper than he could buy them in India!
The little circles are mirrors.  
Color, texture and mirrors?  Please!  I love them!
(the other pillow is in another room)
I also found this wool blanket for $5.00 at Saver's a few weeks ago.  I like to "upgrade" on things in the house when I find something that speaks to me.  If I bring something in something needs to go out.  (Peter Walsh, I'm following your rules!  Love you!  Call me!)
This is how it all looks on the love seat.
99% of my house is decorated with thrift, Goodwill, Savers, resale and garage saled items.  I could show you a fab find everyday!  I'm thinking about doing a weekly segment on this blog to highlight a new treasure each week.  I always say that even if I came into large amounts of money I would still shop this way because it's the thrill of the hunt and I don't have all the same stuff everybody else has.  (Pottery Barn?  I've got the look for a fraction of the cost!) 

Stop at the next garage sale you see and open yourself up to the possibility of a treasure awaiting you!

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