Wednesday, April 4, 2012

First Camping Trip of the Season....

Kettle Moraine State Park
To round up the end of Spring Break we headed out (far too late) on Friday night and set up shop in the dark with the use of two very powerful flashlights.  The kids fell asleep in the car and then woke up to get excited that we had arrived and then went back to sleep!  
We had carrot cake pancakes with cream cheese topping (I planned/prepared ahead) and started the morning with a little champagne. (The hubs and I, not the kids!)
The weather was a bit chilly but we rolled with it.  I brought all our winter garb (that was painful to pull ski jackets out of the closet!)  We spent Saturday morning on a "wood search" for a make-shift fire.  Lauren and I made it into a game and checked all the other campsites for left-over wood in the fire pits.
 Spring was evident!

 Always posing, even in front of the fire!
 The famous "can't camp without making potato and onion packets" on the fire!
 Kids love to play with fire!
 A little adult beverage while watching the kids play with fire!
 Flipping the packets....(this is really exciting stuff people!)
 The kids were very excited to roast hot dogs but it didn't turn out so well.

 Nothing like a cast iron skillet and a rack of lamb!

 Marshmallow time!

 Somebody needs a haircut!  
 Sunday morning we headed to the hiking trails in Kettle Moraine State Park....
 Preparing for our hike....(they have NO idea what they are in for!)
 I love these photos.  The trees were amazing.
 I love that the kids can appreciate the beauty in nature.
 I could have take a hundred of these shots...
 We talked about how The Lorax could live in these woods....
 Which led to talking about The Lorax a great deal!  
"Could The Lorax live here Mom?"  
 Fiddle head Ferns....a sure sign of Spring.
 This is my favorite shot.  It seems alien-like.
 Beauty all around.  Beauty in the ordinary.  (my life motto!)

 The enchanted Forest.

 We came across a decorated tree in the middle of nowhere and told the kids The Lorax did it.
Which led to even MORE talk about The Lorax.  Lauren is like her Dad, in that she needs, wants, and demands proof and isn't sure she believes.  I told her she could choose to believe or not believe.  It didn't matter.  Whatever she feels in her heart is what she should go with.
 The angel on the tree....

 Wood Violets making their way up through the ground.....pushing, fighting, trying....

 Tree Huggers.

We took an (unexpected) turn and ended up going out of our way, adding a bit too much onto the hike.  We distracted the kids by talking about Easter.  We were very impressed with the kids ability to motor on.  They didn't complain once.

I have a photograph that my Mom took of my sister and I when we were kids at Wells Park, MI.  We have geeky matching suede tennis shoes on and I have a big mop of reddish-wavy hair.  I'm all buck-toothed and in that awkward stage of not quite a kid, not quite a girl.  A little chubby and round faced.  My sister is too-tall-jones and all leg. (equally buck-toothed and adorable!)  We are smiling and happy and camping.  It's these moments that shaped my childhood. It's why they are important to me as a parent.  I want my kids to revel in the simple stuff.  To just spend time together.  No T.V., no phones and video games.  Just together-ness.

We succeeded.
(at least for a weekend!)


  1. Great pictures! Looks like such a fun trip!! :)