Monday, April 16, 2012

Hydrodome Fun...

Hydroponics is the method of growing plants using a mineral solution and water, without soil.
The kids got a cool project kit for Christmas from Tia Lisa (Tia means Aunt in Spanish and no she's not Spanish but when Lauren was born she wanted a cool name!  Lisa is hubs sister) She is classic for getting the kids really neat gifts that are family activities or learning opportunities. I love that!  (as long as I'm not the one doing it)  I pulled it out a week ago and told Dad he was in charge.  Dad's need projects to do with kids and kids need Dad's to do projects with them while Mom does not get involved and she has two seconds of time in the day without a kid saying "MOM" or "I'm hungry."  It's a win-win.
 Prepping the dome....
Fill it with water and put in some sort of crystals....(mineral nutrient?)
A pump is involved (again I didn't get that involved and didn't read the instructions) but you have to pump the water for one minute per day.  Why?  You got me.  It's just another thing that the kids can fight over.  
 This whole process couldn't begin until the lettuce seeds sprouted....
So my idea of "hey kids go do this with Dad and leave me alone" lasted about two seconds when Dad said, "Okay in a week we can continue this project."  
Lauren begins the first round of pumping....While Evan give us a faker baker smile.

So we are growing the hydroponic up in here!  Not to be confused with "the chronic."  Although perhaps that would help me to stop yelling and embrace the kids wanted to "help" me do everything.  Sorry, I am not the kind of mom who a) wants to play with her children or b) enjoys my children helping me do everything.  I can get it done in 5 minutes with no mess or 20 with a kid and then a big clean up job.  Just keepin' it real! 

I will show the progress of the lettuce as our little science experiment continues! Thanks Tia Lisa!

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  1. Love hydroponics!!! That was my 5th grade science project :) Cool gift