Monday, April 23, 2012

Juicing for Health...

Evan and I got the juicer out last week (I forget I have one!) and I obsessively compulsively juiced every last piece of fruit and vegetable in the house.  He was delighted with putting the fruit in and using the plastic pusher.  You would have thought that all that goodness would have prevented me from a horrible case of strep throat, but no, it did not. 

 I never get sick and thought I had dodged the bullet of the kids and the hubs colds last week.  We went to a water park over the weekend and things just got progressively worse.  I am in misery.  My throat is so swollen I can barely talk or swallow.  I'm taking hard core pain killers and it's not even taking the pain away.  Mom's don't get sick.  They can't get sick.  I'm not good at this.  I have a basket of laundry to fold and a dishwasher to unload, dinner to make and kids to bathe.  I called the hubs a few hours ago and broke down crying.  I also told him of the list of said chores he will have to take care of.  Sickness is the only thing that can keep me down and keep me from accomplishing tasks.  And then the OCD kicks in and I get up off the couch, walk around the kitchen and lay back down.  Egads.  I need the meds to start working STAT!  I have a life to lead!  And I'm just so darn hungry.  I haven't eaten much in two days.

This is the pulp of the fruit and veggies after the juice is extracted.  
Pretty cool to see all that colorful goodness.
 And we have our first taste tester.....
 And then Evan moved on to play a little solo game of Connect Four.... (how does that work I wonder?!)
These photos represent a "good mom day" in the world of a SAHM.  He put the majority of this puzzle together by himself and I was impressed.  I helped him finish up the hard parts.  Today was not a good SAHM day.  Evan never got out of his pajamas, I prepared him no real meals and he watched TV almost the entire day.  I was just too darn sick to care.  Now that sis is home from school she has taken over all Mom duties for herself and him.  Amen.  

Here's to a better day tomorrow.  

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