Thursday, April 12, 2012

Museum of Science & Industry....

Okay people, I'm down and out and have so many thoughts and ideas and feeling swirling around in my head, yet to hit these pages.  I'm just letting myself work it out.  I could cry, I could laugh, I've worked out and remained on the couch for the day as well.  (Heck, it's only Thursday!) I'm not even sure what the issue is.  I get like this sometimes.  I'm muddling.  (Is that a word?!)  I'm stewing.  I'm figuring.  I'm trying to be present.  But I know at the other end of whatever this is, I will spew forth some good shit!!!!  I've always worked like this.  The hubs will want me to act on something right this second, go fulfill the big idea, get going....and I'll say, "It will come in time."  So that's sorta where I'm at even though everything I just wrote makes no sense at all!  

So in an effort to just go with it, I'm posting some photos of our trip to the museum a few weeks ago.  The kids loved it!
Myth Busters has a big exhibit going on but it opened the day we went and it was sold out.
The kids loved the train gig..
So cute!
Trains, planes and automobiles....
All Aboard!
"Cool planes Dad!" ~Evan
Girls like this stuff too!
(cool ones!)
"Come look at this Buddy..." ~Sis
Somebody is fascinated by skyscrapers....
Dad loves this museum....
Cable car....
dreaming of a trip to San Fran with the kiddos...
Remember these machines?  
So vintage!  Molded plastic goodness.
So much to see....
Ready for some Science action!
That's Evan in the red running to catch up with Dad....

My favorite photo from the day..

Kids always love a tractor....

I acted like I was taking Lauren's photo just to get the kid with the mullet!
Love Dogs Forever xo


  1. You made perfect sense and I completely understand where you are at. Be well. It will come.

  2. Love that museum! One day I'll get P to it!,,

    Um.... That last pic is hilarious. A lady at the gym Tuesday had one and I was wondering what type of hair place would do that? If I was a stylist, I'd refuse especially a kid! BUT, now that inthinknabout it, I should have P grow one for Halloween haha

    Ps: I have a new reality bites post up

  3. I hear ya. I have times like that too. In fact, sort of coming off one these days after several weeks of angst! Hang in there. I love reading you!