Thursday, May 17, 2012

Instagram Dentist..

I took Evan to his first dentist visit yesterday.  Lauren gave him a good prep/pep talk and he did awesome.  I think it helped because the day prior he witnessed Lauren go through the routine and she got him a plastic tank out of the treasure chest.  Since when is she too old to take something for herself?  (I'd secretly like to think its because she knows all that stuff in there is a bunch of trinkets and trash!!!) 
He felt much better sitting on my lap.  Sissy told him all about Mr. Thirsty (the water and saliva sucker!) and he was a bit freaked at first.  Then he just wanted to keep it in his mouth for fun.
I had a birds eye view!
All is well in the mouth of Evan!
I love that my children are cool with doctors and dentists and these type of appointments.  It makes my life much easier and less anxiety filled.  (I also lay it on the line and give them the truth and tell them this is part of life and to deal with it!)  Evan has a tiny little brown spot on one molar that the dentist put a watch on it.  So now he's on the teeth brushing bandwagon so it doesn't turn into a cavity.  I think I can run with this for a long time.  
Good job Buddy! xo

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