Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Instagram Wedding....

I attended a wedding the end of April all by myself with my wine club friends.  Can we say overnight road trip with no kids or hubs?  Wow!  I was giddy.  My beautiful friend Casey married the love of her life in a quaint and romantic ceremony at Homestead Meadows in Appleton, WI.
From where I was seated during the ceremony I couldn't truly capture the love, joy and elated faces that I saw on Casey and Ed.  There is something special about a wedding.  I was crying before they even walked down the aisle.
This barn was simply perfect.  Casey and Ed had a baseball themed wedding and not one aspect of it was anything but charming.
I got married 16 years ago this year.  I had big hair, a big veil and a big dress.  I was not the person I am today.  I did however marry the right person so that is all that matters!  But what I wouldn't give to plan a wedding in a barn.  (sigh!)
When Casey and Ed got to the altar they stepped on home plate.  Because after all, they were coming home to each other.  (more tears)
Casey is a Wisconsin girl like myself.  She's team Milwaukee Brewers and she somehow managed to fall in love with a New York Yankee fan!
My forever friend and old roomie Eileen with her love Dave.
There is a Native American poem that was inside of the program that made me want to lie down on the ground in the fetal position and sob.  Simply moving.
Ed is from the Dominican Republic so Presidente beer was a must!
Casey's gorgeous best friend and wine merchant (What a great combo!) supplied all the wine.
Beautiful flowers...
Now that's a bottle of wine!
Charming little vignettes everywhere I looked!  My phone died before we even ate!  
Me & Stacy.....a wine club friend and bride to be in August...
Special little touches...
There is nothing like knowing two people are perfect for each other.
So many new cool wedding things.....you put your "leaf" (thumb print) on the tree!
Popcorn after dinner....because everybody knows you are starving at a wedding!
Looking out the window....

Linda Bird my crazy and awesome wine club friend with moves like Jagger....
The back of Casey's dress....her grandmother's favorite ring capturing something old, blue and borrowed!
This precious little girl reminded me of Lauren.  I loved attending any special event when I was a child.  Planning my outfit, feeling so grown up, wondering if I would have the courage to dance.
This was my favorite image of the night.  Ed's daughter Melanie and her friend scooped up all the flower petals and glitter that was being swept up in preparation for the dance floor.
And of course it made sense to fill their shoes up with it!
I was on sensory overload.  I couldn't stop taking photos!
I could have photographed the barn ceiling all night....

A book filled with names of friends and family and loved ones.....
(Got it!  You liked the barn ceiling already!!!)
The weather the end of April in Wisconsin is sketchy.  Heck, it could have snowed!  Instead it was perfect.
The grounds are amazing.  
The silo alone had a million photo possibilities!
Just look at the sky!
Apparently I was a farmer's wife in another life.
Don't even get me started on the vintage farm equipment.
I can't wait to see Casey's professional photos.  The few I have seen are spectacular.  So many places to capture the moment.

Table centerpieces...
Wedding cupcakes...
The sign of a good party....
Let's dance!
Old roommates!
Everything took on a new perspective when the lights went down....
The teal wall color is the best....
Casey had a big table covered with candy and treats to take home....
It is a baseball theme so you gotta have cracker jacks!
I am one to notice all the little extra touches and I appreciated them all.  Planning a wedding is a full time job!
Casey and Ed did an amazing job!
(Okay last ceiling shot!)
Awesome necklace....(from my MIL)
Taking a break to rest the feet!
We just don't dance enough in life.
We danced, we laughed, we cried and our poor friend Denise fell and broke her arm!
Wendy, Casey and me....
Back to the hotel!
By this point in the night we sure had enough to drink!
The classic elevator shot!
And what a perfect way to end a perfect wedding!
Thank you Casey and Ed for the best time!
Wishing you a lifetime of laughter, adventure and love! xo


  1. Wow Tricia!!! Ed and I just read this together and are so touched at the photos that you took and just by the fact that you "got it". The way you described our day was exactly the way we wanted people to feel it and enjoy it. Simple yet filled with love love love!!! Also, thank you for noticing all the little details. Those were the ones that took up most of my time and the ones that my heart was most into. Thank you for this amazing blog and for being at our wedding! xoxoxo

  2. Great job Tricia! Wonderful photos and thoughts. So sad that I missed it.