Thursday, May 3, 2012

Kindergarten Art Show.....

American Indian Rattles....

Last Thursday we had Lauren's art show at school.  It was a big deal for her.  I get that.  Art was my favorite class, well, always!  I was majorly in love with my grade school art teacher.  In my youth and innocence and not knowing of such things, I never knew he was gay until I had moved on and didn't love him anymore.  It worked out best for both of us!  

Lauren has been studying various artists this past semester and coming home to talk about all the projects she has been working on at school.  Excitement prevails!  She gets so excited if she sees something in a book, a movie or a TV show that she knows about or has studied. I get it.  The world is so big and amazing and sometimes you feel really connected to it.
Grandma Terry was in town so Lauren was even more excited to show Grams her art.
I'm not sure what this was, but it was a good photo op!

I get choked up sometimes when I'm in the thick of these new experiences.  I have a child in Kindergarten.  She makes art.  My mom is here to witness it with us.  I love it.  My mom was there when she was born and helped me navigate through all those "firsts."  Sometimes scary, but mostly heart swelling good!  This path we are on is one that feels right.  I was meant to be here.
All of Lauren's masterpieces!
So proud of you my girl!
Here they are Mom!
Conflict Resolution poster at school.....
I love it!  I think some Fortune 500 companies need this hanging up in the boardroom!
1.  Talk it out
2.  Rock, Paper, Scissors
3. Walk Away
4. Tell an Adult
Lauren and Mrs. Vaness, her art teacher

I hear about Mrs. Vaness every week!  When I saw her (earlier in the school year) for the first time I had all those romantic visions and desires of becoming an art teacher flood over me.  She is young and cute and enthusiastic.  She looks fresh out of college, but I'm not sure.  

It's nice to have those memories of what you THOUGHT you'd be when you grew up.  It's nice to remember dreams and ideas.  And it sure the heck is nice to be right where you are in the world right now and be okay with that too.  That's how I feel right now.  But I have a fire in my belly that is being stoked daily.  Watch out world.  I'm 40 and I'm ready to rock some new stuff.  Couldn't have happened when I graduated from college.  Couldn't have happened 10 years ago.  I'm blooming right now world!

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