Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Weekend Photo Dump.....

Verona, WI
Don't you know?  Any good weekend begins with a tricked out golf cart and friends!
Do you see that second item on the list? Vanilla Ice Cream.  My gal pals and myself MAY or MAY NOT have walked around the grocery store trying to figure out what we could buy for the BIG BUCKET which we thought was item #3 on the list.  Somebody MAY or MAY NOT have gone outside the store to get cell phone reception to ask what the BIG BUCKET would be used for.  And then we all just felt silly as we realized the item was Vanilla Ice Cream Big Bucket.  OMG.  (Come on men, put it all on one line item!  And who let the men start the list anyway????!!!)  Luckily we had been drinking and laughed our butts off and then went to the bar before we brought said big bucket 'o ice cream home!

It has been forever since I've been in a bar with girlfriends.  I love laughing so hard you can't stop.  And then I love recognizing it's been forever since you've laughed like that and you love it even more. 
 There was a horse shoe on the table all weekend.
It made us all happy.
 When in Wisco.....
 This was purchased on Saturday and I regret to inform you I didn't drink a single one.
But nobody really did so this is going to Trout Lake.
(Vacation June 7!  WOW!)
 This is an award winning photo and I don't care what you have to say!
That's my girl Nancy.
 Spotted Cow sighting while drinking wine and pretending to do a puzzle.
 Evan got in on the puzzle action.
He wasn't drinking wine.
I was.
 Any good puzzler knows that you start with the edges.
That could be a quote from my BF Kelly!
I don't like to start with edges which is why I'm not the puzzle pro she is!
 At some point in the day Kelly shouted out "Can I offer anyone some bread or bread product?"
The pile 'o bread was insane but we managed to make a dent.
Hubs kept saying "I'm carbo loading this weekend."
 Vodka + Watermelon...
 Lauren's favorite thing to do while thrifting is try heels on....
 All the girls had to try these babies on....
I have no words.
 This just makes me happy.
 Real Deal Missoni!  My heart started racing!
My first sighting of real Missoni vs. Missoni for Target while thrifting!
 Love it!  But at $55, I didn't NEED it.  (Yes I did, but I held back!)
 Oh, well....yes please!
 And I love you too!
 Hubs family biz is called BDG INTL., INC.
 Lilith Fair t-shirt!
 Ladies who lunch should bring back the game of bridge.
 Pour some Sugar on Me.....
Vintage tank!
 The goodness was killing me!
 We SCORED!!!!
 3 women + 3 kids (6 and up)+ 4 stores =  A good day.
 Next we had a "bag reveal" show....
 Oh, this baby came home with me.
So did this skirt.....which I wore to the grocery store with my "Brew Thru" t-shirt and new .99 cent North Face flip flops!  (Skirt is Calypso brand, 100% silk!) We were in Verona, which is very close to Madison, so I think nobody even took a second glance at me!
 Goat cheese + Marinara Sauce, bake at 375 until bubbly and please your friends.
Not only do our friends have a golf cart, some land, some guns, a soda stream, and an ice maker, but now they have added a Margaritaville drink maker to the list!!!  Yes indeed, we will be friends forever.
 Fireworks on the deck.
Mostly sparklers and some firecrackers for excitement.
 Morgan + Sparklers + my good eye on this photo = perfection.
 Sissy and some blue Gatorade....
 And then we played "real" Scrabble!
 I had a bad first seven letter pick.....but I wasn't in it to win it.  I was in for the fun.
And we ended the night with vanilla ice cream (BIG BUCKET) and rum chata.
The best drink you will ever taste!
I love my girlfriends, I love their children and hubs!
So needed by all!


  1. This WILL become at LEAST an annual tradition. If we had to do it again I would do every last detail exactly the same. Love you!

  2. Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness! Can I move where you live?! Tricia you are teaching some future thrifters the tricks! ;-)