Thursday, May 10, 2012

My Current Reading Stack....

This book is right up my alley!  My mind is swirling with a book idea I have that is burning a fire in my belly.  You heard it here first folks.  Fires in your belly are a good thing.  
Such good ideas in here!  I heart Tori.  Reality T.V. sometimes make me feel like I'm best friends with somebody I've never met!  (case in point)
Never met a cookbook I didn't like....
Books about writing make me happy....
The kids pulled this one off the bookshelf a week ago.  We've been reading a few pages every night.  Good stuff!
The jury is still out on this one.  The concept seemed better than the first few chapters.
Books about cooking make me happy too.

What are you reading right now?

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  1. I just read Jennifer Hudson's autobiography, which may sound odd or random, that woman is amazing! Love her!!!