Monday, May 21, 2012

Nothing Much Monday....

We spent a lot of time outside this weekend in the nice weather.  
I rocked my new maxi dress.  (Wal-mart $13!)
The peonies in the yard are blooming like crazy.  
I think they are a few weeks early because every year I seem to miss them while we are on vacation.
After I cut some for vases in the house they seemed to bloom open even wider.  
I love flowers and especially ones that I can cut from my yard!
Coffee this morning from my favorite mug....
I'm dreaming of my next trip to Door County.  
(hopefully this summer!)
My new Mom motto.....
I'm looking forward to a long weekend with good friends, some cold drinks, 
a puzzle or two, and a day of thrifting with my two favorite thrift buds!
Have a great week my friends!


  1. I should ask you for Door County recommendations (places to stay, etc....). I've never been, if you can believe it--from a native Minnesotan married to an Upper Peninsulan!

  2. Yeeeeeee Haaaaaaaw! Absolutely cannot WAIT to see you!!! XOXOXOXXOX