Monday, May 14, 2012

Owl Love....

Yet another little package arrived last week....(I might have been online shopping for 14 days while hubs gallivanted across the globe!)
Oh what delights does this box hold?
Oh my lovely little owl friend, I spy your high cuteness factor and you aren't even all the way out of the box!
Made in Thailand.....
Stop it right now!  Doesn't he just make you happy?
It has a small loop on the back so you can use it as a wall hanging, however you would need to tape a piece of hardboard on the back to make it stiff.  I think this would be an insane pillow.  (I can't get enough pillows! Yet another addiction!!!) My intention is to use it a wall hanging in Lauren's room or the play room.  I also think you could make one of these with the tips of old men's ties.  But for $18, I'll let you get right on that craft project!!!!

It's one of those "I could so make that" but I never will so I bought one.  I that wasn't a bad price at all.
Evan thought so!
You can order an owl and many other treasures at DarlyBird.
"For the Love of Darling"  (isn't that adorable!)

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