Friday, May 4, 2012

Preschool Spring Sing....

I told him to put his hands down!
(Stage mom....ahahhahaha!)
Evan had his Spring Sing at preschool last week.  I wasn't sure there would be any performing going on.  If you recall, the Christmas program consisted of Evan looking like a deer in headlights and doing a bit of a twinkling motion with his hands for one song.  Other than that, he stood there and looked at me.  
Look at that sweet boy!  Innocent.  Pure.  (not.)
I will spare you the ridiculous amount of video footage I took and just share the first song with you!  It was quite a hoot!
Happy Boy!
You did good!
"Let's go to a garage sale now Mom!"
No lie....he asks me if we can go to a garage sale all the time!
Mom & Evan.

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