Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Spray Paint is my Friend!

I've had this sun dial for years at our old house and when we moved I just plunked it in the front of our new house.  A few weeks ago I realized it needed a bit of spray paint sprucing up!  I chose a bronze color at the suggestion of a few friends (after taking a poll of course!)
Love how it looks!  The details really pop vs. the black/green....
I kinda looked around and gathered up all my bronze/metal garden ornaments and went to town!
My friend Laura gave me this angel/leaf sculpture years ago for a birthday.  I love the face lift!
I found this metal basket at Goodwill.  It reminds me of the pricey ones you can buy from Southern Living parties.  This one had an expensive price tag on the back from one of our local nurseries that has a great (and pricey!) gift shop.  This soft yellow color is so much better than the below (Boring!) color.
I also think the yellow basket filled with flowers will look great on my crazy blue door!  (Hello!  We are Swedish!  Well, I am my marriage!)
I moved the sun dial out a little so it has a prime spot....
Now I love going out the front door and looking at my new lovelies!
Bronze Bugs....
How do you use a sun dial?  
Hello little angel!
The hubs found some rocks with fossils so they are in the front as well.
Last peek....
And now we move to the back deck....
 Evan and I picked these pink flowers out for Sissy and I painted the metal fairy stick PINK!
Hello Gold Gnome!  How rockin' does he look?  And I painted the butterfly blue and the sign green.  It says "If nothing changed there would be no butterflies."  (LOVE!)
 These are the flowers Evan picked out for himself and I gave this sassy grasshopper some spray too!
Mr. Frog planter was left here by the previous owners.  I always think of the woman who lived her and how this was her dream house.  She did so much planting and tending to the yard.  I thought he looked good without a spray!
I am in love with these flowers!  They look like poppies but they aren't.  The guy at Home Depot told me all about them and now I can't remember their name!  You can kind of see the FAMILY metal stick I sprayed.
A little hidden shell, pine cone and thyme rock.  It says thyme but I always look at it and think "take some time" ~Sit a minute~ enjoy....
 More sprayed metal sticks!  LOVE and LIVE and a metal star fish...
Wow, I have a lot of garden tschotskes hey?  This is a lovely sun/bird feeder I've had forever.  I love that they all look so fresh and funky now.
 The metal cross....
 These were green on the bottom and pale yellow and blue on top...They had to match the rest right?!
 My favorite Frog Prince.....
 Look at all my strawberry blossoms!  Now, what to do to get them before the birds do!
 Lady Bug Love...a fresh coat of red and some black sharpie....
I had all these colors/cans of spray paint in the garage.....who knew?!
You can kind of see my Swedish bird (from Ikea) and the stars in between the painted rocks (compliments of Lauren) and my big shell from the Yucatan Peninsula.  Yep, I hauled that bad boy home!  
This is my favorite time of year.  The weather is still enjoyable and getting warmer each day.  My irises are ready to bloom and make magic in my flower beds and the strawberries are out of control.  I love that they have become ground cover over the years.

I love that a few cans of spray paint changed my outlook.  I keep walking outside to enjoy all my "new" old  garden treasures.

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  1. Soooo pretty! Everything is still so brown here! The mystery flowers look like begonias to me, but I'm reading this on my phone so the pics are pretty small. I'm inspired!!!