Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Still spraying.....

One would think that after your three year old son sprays yellow spray paint on hubs Harley in the garage that I would BANISH spray paint forever!  But I'm addicted.
I find it the simplest and easiest way to transform things already in your home.  (Picture frames especially!)
The kids took a white board marker to the fabric mat on this one so I spray painted it!  (Yep, you can spray paint cloth, plastic....almost anything!)
I also gave this painting a fresh coat of creme color but used a little sandpaper to make it old looking.  (I love that look)  My mom came upstairs from her room at my house and said, "Did I just hear you using sandpaper on something?"  Yep!  "At 8:00 in the morning?!!!"  Yep!
$5 at Savers and I almost walked away.  
But it spoke to me.
I am so giddy about these I can't stand it.  Who would expect a silver horse head?  No one.  Except me.  I have a wooden yoke and leather harness to go with these.  I have so many walls to decorate in the our newly finished basement space and I'm planning away!
Do you remember those brass and wood wall hangings? (The circle part was wood and the tree was brass) I secretly like them still but thought a shot of some blue would work well to cover up the screaming "70s" look.  I love it now!
A wooden bamboo picture frame gets a pop of color....
Is it just me or is everybody using the phrase "pop of color"?  So over used!
Here I am in my Dansko clogs and yoga pants in my "workshop" (garage)!
I found this vintage children's puzzle at Saver's for $1.99 and freaked out about the vintage greatness.  My BF Kelly just let me freak out but she was probably like, "Um, it's a puzzle T."  But she gets me!
Just look at the little pictures to illustrate each state....
There are my states.....Wisconsin and Illinois!
So the deal I made with myself in the store was to frame it.
I rounded the corner and found this frame for $6.99 which I considered too much to pay.
But the raised edges were super cool, I had a 30% off coupon and the puzzle thickness worked to slide right in to the frame.  
I was thinking of a bright yellow color, but I was so anxious to go this  project I didn't want to wait to buy spray paint.  So I used what I had and this blue works too.
So I had to trim the puzzle a bit on the edges but it when I put it in the frame and put the glass in the back of the frame wouldn't fit.  No problem!  I like this tray way better than hanging it!
 And that my friends is why I am still spraying!
Nate Berkus would be proud!


  1. Turned out fab... as I knew it would. Cool!

  2. OMG! I am amazed by you! I would kill to have you live by me! I want to hire you to decorate my house and make cool things for me!