Thursday, May 24, 2012

Strawberry Freckles

I'm not sure it is a fair thing to call "Park Day" at preschool a real deal day of school because I had to attend.  Have I told you about my love of the park?  When I realized I couldn't just drop him off and do my errands in peace I was bitter.
Mom's are constantly sucking it up for the sake of the kids.  I love the little guy but I live for these measly 2.5 hour breaks twice a week.  It was ripped away from me.  I'm still bitter.
The yogurt covered stars were a huge hit.  (Trader Joe's)
Somebody is getting more and more freckles everyday!
The hubs was away again for work for a few nights so I hauled the kids outside and we hunted for ripe berries.
Our strawberry patches are taking over.
Then we have fighting over who gets to eat the ripe berry.
I usually don't get any.
We had a photo shoot for a long time.  It kept us all happy.
Now if we could just get Evan to stop picking the greenies!
I love the fact that Lauren will pose forever for me.
She's a natural.
This is a fave.
Tomorrow is the "Farewell to Kindergarten" program.  I wonder if I'll cry. (HA!)
Red head in thought....
This bench is going to be killer in yellow.  It has a big crack in it and needs to be fixed.  
Blue Croc Blondie....
A croc, a gun and some wine.....Life at my house.
A radio flyer and a down the driveway while I look for cars.  
(heart attack city)
Long Legs Lauren....
Hard to believe you are almost done with Kindergarten.
I love you.

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