Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Weekend Fun...

Friday night and all tuckered out!

The hubs is away for 14 long days to visit his office in India and attend a global conference in Singapore that he attends every year.  I'm pretty much screwed for Mother's Day every year!  But don't fret, I've been buying myself lots of treasures.  Treasures from thrifting that is!  I'd rather have that than anything else!  Can I get a gift certificate to Goodwill?!  

In light of the solo parenting, my BF Kelly (Kelly of Trout Lake family vacation Kelly) said, "Throw yourself and your kids in the car and come spend the night.  Don't bring anything else, just come!"  And you know, good friends just get it.  They know what you need and they offer it up.  I was delighted to not be at home for a full Saturday and Sunday.  We thrifted for a few hours (Hello Kate Spade patent leather pumps!  But that's another post) and other than her daughter Cleo falling on some garage sale roller blades and breaking her arm, and Lauren squirting hand sanitizer into her eye, I'd say we had a great weekend!
Isn't she cute?
Can you imagine how many kids have put these in their mouth?  I'm so grossed out!
This was Saturday evening.  
Kelly and I were in the grocery store with avocados and limes in the cart when her hubs called to say "Cleo broke her arm."  We abandonded cart and busted a move back to my car.  I felt the mom anxiety rise.  Kelly is super calm and chill but I know how a mom gets.  We realized Evan is not cool to have around our puzzling efforts.  I barely even worked on the puzzle but what little I did, he took apart when I turned my back for 30 seconds.  Kelly texted me a photo of the puzzle after we left on Sunday and he had taken it all apart!  This is good to know for our Trout Lake trip!  We are gonna have to watch him closely!
This is how truly cool Kelly is:  Since it was past the point of returning to the grocery store to resume our Cinco de Mayo food fiesta, she called to say that she was gonna stop and get Taco Bell for all of us!  So we had tacos and we were all happy.  It just confirms that it's not about the food.  (although Kelly and I are really good cooks and enjoy it so!)  At the end of the day it's about the company.  I fricken love Kelly and her family.

Oh, and if we are adding up all of Kelly's coolness, I must add that her and her family went out for sushi on Friday night.  They go to this amazing sushi place that we've gone to before with them.  She posted a photo of a big platter of sushi on facebook and I responded with, "Really? You couldn't wait for me to get there?!"
So they got a big platter to take home and eat for lunch when I arrived.
Kelly helping Evan put his hand flat to feed the horses.
They were aggressive!  

On Sunday morning we got up and drove up to the land that they own.  Our plan was to Cinco de Mayo it up at the land but due to the broken arm, we postponed the trip until Sunday.  We ate a ridiculously delicious breakfast buffet at one of those cool Wisconsin super clubs.  I ate myself silly.  And so did Evan.  I've never seen the child eat so much!

On the way to the land a neighbor lady has horses so we stopped to visit and feed them some carrots.
Cleo adores horses!
Hi there fella!
Lauren is appropriately wearing cowboy boots....they are rain boots that look like cowboy boots!  Perhaps the cutest thing I've ever seen!  Cleo outgrew them and gave them to Lauren.
Nothing like some horses to get the kids all enthusiastic!
So we headed to the land and watched a movie and I may or may not have taken a cat nap on the couch while the lovely little wood burning stove made the room toasty.  The kids waited for the storm to pass and enjoyed riding around on the golf cart.  Kelly said, "It's nice that they come back every so often to tell us something so we know they are still alive and not bloody are maimed."
On the way back to Kelly's house we stopped at a big outdoor farmer's market/petting zoo and Evan followed TJ into a big pumpkin bouncy house that was nothing but filled with water!  Kelly and I heard Evan yell, turned to look out the door and saw the exact second Evan came flying out of the bouncy house door and landed in a giant pool of water.  He was soaking wet from head to toe.....It was classic Evan and utterly hilarious!
So this is how he rode home.....Sitting on Cleo's sweatshirt in his damp undies!
And about 30 minutes into the drive home this is what Evan looked!  It was a perfect weekend with great friends.  A huge thank you to Kelly and her family for the perfect overnight trip that got me over the hump of solo parenting!  


  1. Tricia, I love reading your blogs.

  2. Kel is pretty dang awesome, no? Glad you guys had fun. CAN'T WAIT to see you!!!