Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Instagram Vacation.....

I was sitting in the driveway watching the kids ride bikes when I got a text from my BFF and vacation partner, Kelly, saying "We can leave by 10:00 am tomorrow."  We were planning on an early Friday morning departure to Kelly's house and a shove off to Minnesota by 1:00 pm.  

I had to share this photo.  Lauren said "take another one Mom I wasn't ready and don't put this on your blog."  But Evan's face is awesome!
This photo was take 2 with Little Miss smiling properly and to her liking!  Hubs rolled in from work and said "Well, this changes everything!"  Luckily for him, me and all of us, my OCD ways paid off and we merely had to pack the cooler and load the trailer.  He had much more to do.  Like drive to the scuba shop to get his fin repaired.
 We were off by 8:30!  Quick stop for road food and kids were in Pj's and ready to crash!
 Sweet Sis....
 And so it begins........
Just a little bit longer.....don't you love the excitement the night before a vacation?  You kinda have to make yourself go to bed!  But with such a long drive ahead of all of us, we had one beer and hit the hay.
Holy crap people, let's get the show on the road! I did however get out of the car and wait a bit longer. The lights on the trailer weren't working but we finally pulled out around 11:00 am.
No road trip is complete in my book without corn nuts!  It is the only time I eat them.  And with ten hours of  driving ahead of us, a 5 hour energy won't hurt either!
 The sign that vacation has begun!
We spent the week at Trout Lake Resort nestled in the heart of Superior National Forest, 12 miles up the Gunflint Trail.  This resort is the only one on the lake.  It's vintage, it's old school, it's cool.  The above photo is the knife holder in Cabin 7 where we stayed.  This was our fourth year at Trout Lake.   This resort was built by my BFF's Grandfather.  Now Kelly's cousins and aunts and uncles run the resort.
 Well Hello there!  Nice to see you again!
 We have priorities people!  A soda stream and an ice maker and a Margaritaville frozen drink maker....
Why did we need a trailer?  We had two families traveling together with a LOT of stuff and a golf cart.  Yep.  But the golf cart could have a blog post all it's own.  My son is obsessed with a capital O.  Do you see where his bike is parked?  All we heard the whole week was "Uncle T Bone, can we take a ride on the golf cart?"  
 Every time I spotted one of Kelly's relatives drinking this beer I had to say it....."Are you living the high life?"
 This is the sign of a fishing vacation....the worms in the fridge.
 Spa party on the porch!
We let the girls "do" our nails and toes.  I was very anxious and OCD and it was difficult for me but the crackle polish hid the multitude of mistakes.  Kelly was way cooler than me about this.  Her toes and nails were lookin' FINE!
 Citronella and a tackle box. It doesn't get more "up North" than that!
 The trailer also housed the kids bikes which kept them out of trouble and made the adults very happy...
 Nobody loves his bike more than Evan....
I am showing you these photos in the order in which I took them.  
Where were we?
 Oh yes, Spa on the Porch!
 "Shall I refill your wine my friend?"  "Why yes please."
 I chose pink neon with navy blue crackle....
 Sissy took her job very seriously...
 Screen doors and sunshine and shadows....
 Life is really what you make it wherever you are in the world....
 Sometimes vacation gives you a chance to unplug, unwind and remember how fantastic we've got it...
 There was one lovely wine glass in the cabin.  I don't remember it in years past, but I loved using it this time.
Lauren asked me if she could touch the deer.  Heck yeah!  We had a big discussion about taxidermy later on in the week.
When I went camping as a child my mom would let my sister and I get the mini cereal box assortment.  Sheer delight.  Such a great memory.  Lauren spotted this in Costco while shopping for the trip and said something about it being unhealthy for us but I could see her longing.  I could feel her desire for the mini boxes! I asked her if she wanted to get it and share it with all the kids on the trip.  It made us both very happy!  I made sure to tell my Mom about this memory.  She mentioned that each kid would need to two or three each morning.  Yep.  That's what we did.

I'm just getting started!  Much more vacation fun to come!  It's good to be back.  

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