Friday, June 22, 2012

Lazy Days on Vacation....

This photo is priceless.  A classic.
Please note the giant jar of pickles on the table.
Secret puzzle messages?
The door in Cabin 7 that leads to the screened in porch....
To Dome or Rome?
Kelly's daughter Cleo brought a big tote of American Girl doll stuff.  They maybe played with it for a total of one hour.  In that one hour I high fived Kelly twelve times for letting Cleo bring the tote.  (Hello!  We did have a trailer!!!)  In that one hour we probably just had another drink and worked on our puzzle.  We did however, take great interest in the fashion show the girls provided.
Spa on the porch, round 2.  These are Evan's feet.  I'm not sure who did this to him, but he went to vacation Bible school this entire week with remnants of pink polish on his toes.  It made me happy.
Holla if you have crackle nail polish on!
Cutest boy ever.
Somehow spa on the porch also included a bowl of fruit loops.
Vintage curtains.  
What started out as a simple, "Mom, can we take you and Tricia on a golf cart ride?" turned into a long long ride to the sand pit.  We were freshly showered and we got covered in dust and so did our drinks.
Here is the sand pit.  WOW.
My favorite photo of the trip!  Yep, we were all on the golf cart and Cleo too.
Evan, me and Cleo....(or Kelly, since they were sharing the red crocs.)
Me and my boy.
Eat my dust......
Swinging screened in porch doors that slam and make squeaks, which lead to the adults yelling, "Stop slamming that door" multiple times during the week!
I randomly said to Kelly during the week that Evan and Lauren have been friends with her children (Cleo and T.J.) since they were born and there is a likelihood in that Lauren and Cleo could be in each other's weddings.  Like, that kind of friend.  And then I got teary eyed and decided we should discuss simple things, like what we should make for dinner.
"I dare you to touch the fish."
 SAUNA time!
 My usual anchor/rope photo of the year....
I'm a Wisconsin fish fry fan, but nothing is better than how they do a fish fry at Trout Lake.  Peanut oil and Aunt Nancy's special seasoning.  I feel like I'm cheating on my homeland.
Aunt Nancy made "sliders" ala White Castle with ground beef, mayo and cheese some other magic that made us unable to stop eating them.  Super simple recipe that can be made ahead and popped in the oven in time for a party.  So good.  So wrong.  So right.

Another perfect vacation day comes to a close....

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