Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Vacation Bible School.....

I will admit that VBS is a fantastic bargain for a mom who is returning to life after a week of family vacation.  I will also admit that three solid hours without both of my children is a dream come true.  I worked out, g-t the house in order, ran an errand or two and picked up the kids refreshed and ready to do something fun.  We checked out a new park, went thrifting, got ice cream and visited a local cafe for a bakery treat.  All of which I would normally not feel like doing with the other list looming in my head.  I was a cool mom for one week.  
This is the church and school where Lauren attended M,W,F full day preschool the year before she went to Kindergarten.

What I didn't expect was all the crying and freaking out when I dropped Evan off.  But we got through it and he grew and I grew.  When it is your second child it is much easier to do.  What I also didn't expect was Lauren's desire to go to the Friday night dinner and presentation of the all of the songs they learned during the week.  But really, why wouldn't she want to?  So we spent a wonderful Friday evening at church.  These kids teach us stuff.  It's incredible.
Evan didn't do much singing but he was excited and quite excited that he happened to be sitting in the pew right in front of me.
Look at church on a Friday night.
I grew up in a tight-knit old school Lutheran church.  I was involved in the choir, Sunday school, VBS, and almost any activity for the children of the church.  Holiday pageants, confirmation, and lots of fun stuff too.  Pictured Rocks boat cruise trip, ski/sledding/hot chocolate events, all things that made me feel connected, welcomed and it gave me structure.  Kids love structure.  

Every Sunday we went to church.  I was not always happy about that, but breakfast afterward with my Grandma and a stop at her house made me happy.  I always remember sitting in the pew with my Mom, Dad and sister.  When we stood up I felt a surge of pride.  This was my family and we were together.  And we were some of the tallest folks in the church and that made me feel pride too.  

Today my feelings are quite unsettled when it comes to religion.  I am happy for the foundation that my parents gave me but I'm not sure how to proceed with my own children.  Watching Lauren sing brought all these memories and feelings back to me.  I want them to have choices.  I want them to have love and acceptance.  I felt all these things on Friday night.
As usual, it is heart warming to see your children perform.  The message of the week was "Trust God no matter what."
My favorite photo....
The time, energy and efforts to put this amazing camp on for a week astound me.  (Did I mention it was only $20 per child for the whole week?) The selflessness of all the volunteers was humbling.  They also participated in a great charity called "Shoes for the Poor" and they had a goal to collect 400 pairs of shoes and during VBS week they collect over 800!  

VBS was a great way to kick off summer vacation!  I love that Lauren and hubs have discussions about religion already.  He tells her to keep her mind open.  I add with, "keep your heart open too."

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