Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Day at the Track.....

Last Friday I headed out to Arlington Park racetrack with the kids for a summer wine club event.  There is nothing worse than a really hot day with no plans in the summer as a stay at home Mom.  I kind of forgot I could take the kids with but when I told them where we were going the night before, they were giddy with excitement and delight!
They didn't know what to expect, but what kid doesn't enjoy a good horse race?  Hubs later joked it was "a good way to introduce the kids to gambling"!!!!  Ha!  He's right.  They do love a scratch lottery ticket too!
I love the way Sis takes care of Buddy.  She is a little mommy to him in so many ways.
Evan loves a tractor possibly as much as he loves me.  This was a highlight of his day!  That, and a golf cart he spotted across the track!
Friday the 13th!
There is something about the track....watching the jockeys and all the people employed at this amazing, huge facility.  A few years ago I got hooked on a show on Animal Planet called Jockeys.  It was a reality show about (you guessed it!) Jockeys.  It was fascinating.
I also thought about Bethenny Frankel (don't laugh!) as I did watch the Real Hollywood True Story about her life.  She grew up at the track because her real father was a horse trainer and owner and gambler.  (or something like that!
Waiting patiently for the race to start....
After the race we would go back to our area and reevaluate our ticket stubs to see if we won any money.
The horses run on the grass for this race...
Me and my girl...
I let Lauren pick all the horses we bet on based on what names she liked.  It worked for me last year and it worked for us this year!  Lauren's picks won us about $25!  All of which she demanded that she get for her wallet.  Um, yeah.  It's all really my money!  
We visited the winners circle area and got a closer view of the horses.  This is something I just wouldn't have done without the kids with me.  I enjoyed the experience more having the kids with and seeing everything through their eyes.  That is a true joy of motherhood.
It was a fabulous day with wine club peeps, good food, cool breezes and a rain shower, some drinks....basically a fantastic day!
Those photos finished off our day....
Beautiful clouds as the sun sets....
That's not a bird, it's an airplane!
~A great summer day!~

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