Monday, July 23, 2012

And June is gone, just like that....

Somehow it is pit-near the end of July.  For Pete's sake it was just early June and I was sitting in a bar with by best gal pals in Grand Marais, MN at the Gunflint Tavern on vacation.  (Please note Kelly's extra super cute SAK purse in the above photo!  I want it.)  And I actually asked for a beer chaser.  Silly me.  These people know what they are doing!  They are like the good folks I love in Wisconsin!  
We all ordered a bloody.  It looked delicious.  It tasted delicious.
We won't discuss the shrimp and what it did to all three of us.
Always question the shrimp.
First appie of the day:  bread, baked brie, apples, candied pecans and some berry compote delight.  And I finally got the t-shirt I've been wanting for years. I heart t-shirts from bars.  Heck, from anywhere!  Thank you sweet baby Jesus for this little sliver of no-kid time on vacation!
The Lake.  Trout Lake.
Hubs took some kids out in a canoe.
He took them far away from the dock.  The mom's just weren't sure how we felt about this.  He convinced us it was fine.
Look at that sky reflected in the water.  Perfection.
These peeps are my heart!
Comin' into the dock!  All mom's can breathe again!
Such a fine crew.
Cleo, Morgan and Charlet...
Party on the dock!
Get your sunbathe on!
Some young punks, I mean hunks....
Colton, TJ and Andy
Standard issue photo of my feet and I added some thigh for ya all!
Just chillin'!
Why yes my friend I would indeed like to bring my chair into the water and drink with you!
What are these pirates you speak of?
Crab legs on our final night of vacation!  Hello!  I never met a vat of melted butter I didn't like!
The long, long, long drive home where we stop in Eau Claire at our favorite "big chair" gas station.
Yep, that's Pooh Bear.
Oh June.  You were here and then you were gone.  
I miss you already.

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  1. Ohh the shrimp we shall not discuss. Ohhh.

    LOVE that pic of Cleo, Morgan, and Char!

    Miss you!