Thursday, July 26, 2012

Finger (body) paints....

 I'm sexy and I know it!!!!
We stopped at a garage sale this morning and I bought a pack of Crayola (the good folks at Crayola make everything washable!) Finger Paints.  I had the notion that the kids could go outside and paint their bodies, wash off with the hose and return to the house.  Yes indeed, for $1.00 I got a good 30 minutes or more of a phone conversation with a bestie.  Sissy painted Buddy's butt, er, body.  Look at his pose!  Hilarious!
Two painted Kiddos.
And the aftermath....
Lucky for me a nice rainstorm just blew through.
Zero cleanup on my part.
Thank you $1.00 garage sale find!
Smart Mom's pass on the tricks of the trade!

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