Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Settling back in.....

Grandpa's Beach, Menominee, MI

I'm settling back into this thing called being a stay at home mom after more than a week away that involved either a beach or a pool.  The thing about being a mom of two and being around lots of other people or relatives is that it makes it all so much easier.
Someone takes a hand to cross the street.  Somebody else grabs a beach towel to dry the other child off.  Somebody takes the kids for ice cream.  Somebody says "I got it" more than once a day.
And all the while you might remain sitting in your beach chair, toes in the sand, cooler within in reach.
Superman ice cream, of course.
There are no dishes to load in the dishwasher, laundry to fold or dinners to get started at the beach.
Grandma grabs napkins and saves a cone from the sand.  That's the thing about Grandma's.  They always fix things.  They divert the melt-down.
The clock never tells you "we should really get going" but instead says, "stay just a little longer.  You won't regret it.
Sunsets and long shadows remind you that your memory can pull this out of storage when it's the middle of January and the holidays are over and you long for sun and warm breezes.
Dump trucks become sand pushers and the children seem to play with toys.  Lord knows they don't at home unless I'm right there with them in the toy room.
Sand castles become magical forts with moats that will never fill with water.
Sticks become chalk boards in the sand.
I never tire of these beach feelings.  I was born to live on the water.  To live my days like this.  
The children ask less questions and don't seem as hungry.
Flip flops are the approved foot wear and a cold beer tastes better with the condensation collection sand on the bottom.
A crane visits.
Sunsets and sailboats make my heart soar.
Walking on the dock dreaming of a sailboat of our own someday.
Life just seems wrapped up in beauty at the beach.  Sure, my life at home is beautiful too.  But when you get away from all that is familiar it makes you appreciate it upon your return.  
Close your eyes and you are anywhere in the world.
Moonlight.  Just like sunsets, it never gets old.
Take a walk down the dock with me.  The best is yet to be.
Old time bars in your hometown.
And when we wake up, we do it all again.
Lost teeth...
Cuddles and snacks on the beach swing....
Towels laid out perfectly....
Lounge chairs....
Hello!  We love it here!
Inner tube rides and red solo cups...
Sun in your eyes...

We do declare....
Life is better at the beach.

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