Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Summer Milestones....

We finished up our two week daily morning trek to the pool on Friday.  Swimming lessons are wrapped up for another season.  Sis was super excited to go down the big slides and was anxiously deciding if she should jump off the diving board or not.  Sure, she wanted to, but sometimes fear can get the best of her.
All the kids paraded over to the diving board and lined up.  Some kids with no fear, ready to cannon ball, some a little apprehensive, some excited.  None of them knowing how their parents hearts would swell on the sidelines with pride and a bit of sadness as our babies are growing up, changing into little people who take risks, feel pride in themselves for moving past the fear.
Here she goes....
She was bursting with pride, ready to get in line to go again.
I was choking back tears.  These little accomplishments aren't little at all to an almost seven year old.  Heck, I'm going to be 41 in a few weeks and I get it!  I know what this feels like!  It's amazing.  It's what strengthens you, it's that little kernel deep inside yourself that carries you through the low points in life.  

It's what I hope to fill her soul up with as a parent.  To be the best YOU can be and not to follow the silly crowd when it doesn't feel right.  Which is exactly what I told her to regarding her decision to jump or not.  To do what she felt was right for HERSELF.  I'm tossing the rope out a little further each time.  It feels good.  It feels like milestones in the making.
Second jump is a beauty.....
Waiting and watching....
Maybe next year Evan will decide to move past whatever was bugging him....
He made no sense to me at all.  He's been to water parks and gone down huge slides, he's jumped off the side of the pool with a life jacket on, he'll go under the water, blow bubbles, doesn't care if his face gets wet.  He loves the pool and the beach.  Yet he wouldn't go in shallow water and get a little instruction.  He went in one day and after all the tears, screaming and battling of wills, I gave up.  I just didn't have the fight in me for two long weeks.  So the last few days we didn't even pretend he was going in the pool and he just wore clothes!  

I have a sense this is just the beginning of what I am up against as a parent.  This was some sort of teaching tool in the classroom of life that I will draw upon when I parent teens.  Lord help me!
That's sis shooting out from the big slide!
She can dive down to pick up rings, she can tread water in the deep end, she has more confidence.  And following my two rules of what makes you successful in life: being a good reader and having self-confidence...I'd say she's well on her way!

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