Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Weekend in Review....

Little Love Dog Evan fell asleep on me on Friday night.  I loved it.
You never think it will happen, but Lauren is a long tall Sally, all arms and legs, and when she crawls up in my lap to cuddle it's much more complicated than a 3 1/2 year old climbing in.  I will never tire of smelling his head and touching his perfect skin.  

Folks, it's been one of those weekends leading into the week.  I'm kind of in a funk that I'm working to shake right out of me!  So let me share some photos of the weekend and get on with it!  I seriously have so much to be thankful for and joyous about, but it happens to the best of us.  As my Mom always says, "this too shall pass."  (and the stinkin' heat with subside and my blessed fall with enter in and the kids will go back to school)
I attempted to use my new William Sonoma pancake molds for breakfast fun on Saturday morning.  I think I did something wrong.  I had to ditch these pancakes.  But I will try again.  They are too cute and for .50 cents brand new at a garage sale I had to try!  There is also a planet that comes with the set too.  
Lovely fiesta ware and coffee outside...
Nothing better.
Family hair salon on the deck!
My sister-in-law has neighbors with the coolest tree house.  The kids were giddy to check it out.  Those are Adirondack chairs on the balcony.  My kids would be so kicked out of here and I'd be hiding away in this lovely reading and listening to music and drinking wine or coffee.
Tree houses are fantasies of childhood you never outgrow.
The kids begged to "go on a garbage hunt" and hubs and I let them go way down the street from our house.  We sat on the deck drinking coffee and talked about the good citizens we are raising.  (and the fact that nobody else would let their kids walk down the grass a few yards from the house.)
I didn't want to, I really didn't want to, but I made homemade popsicles with the kids on Sunday.  Sometimes you just have to suck it up and do a project.  I found these molds in a random corner of the cupboard and the kids got all excited.  
The recipe was very simple:  make some simple syrup, add some lemon rind, let cool and then mix in Greek yogurt (unsweetened, plain variety) and berries.  (Let the simple syrup cool before adding to the yogurt and berries)
I really just wanted somebody else to paint my toenails and do the whole pedicure thing on my feet but I did it myself.  Sometimes the act of getting in the car and driving to the pedicure place and sitting there for over an hour just seems more exhausting than doing it myself!
I sat in the driveway while the kids rode bikes and scooters.  Evan had an "incident" and I yelled "Call 9-1-1!!!!"  The neighbor friend and Lauren carried him up to me.  
And we ended our weekend with a fish bone sky.

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