Wednesday, August 29, 2012

All Fired Up....

Getting instructions on how to proceed!
While visiting my sister in early August we took the kids to a super cute pottery painting place called All Fired Up!  How cute is that name?  Evan picked a Tow Mater bank which, much to my delight, was on sale.  These things aren't cheap!
Liam and Declan selected Angry Birds.....they are obsessed.  Those suckers were NOT on my sister's price range but I insisted.  Look, if they are gonna get crafty they might as well paint something they really like.
Lauren selected a cupcake....the girl could have painted that thing all day....taking her time, meticulously working on the details.  (She's my child after all!)
Those angry birds needed A LOT of red paint and I was happy to help.  The more paint, the better the outcome.
Has this child never NOT smiled for a photo or took a second to strike a pose?  I love her.
I love this.  Perfectly said.
This was hanging in the shop.

Perhaps I could have stayed here all day painting and getting crafty.  There is not enough time in my life for crafting.  I get lost in the project and lose all sense of time.  I love that feeling.  The boys were getting antsy though and my sister was getting hungry.
It was hard, but I just let Evan go.  No micro-managing of "do this, use this color" etc.  I let the kid have free reign.  He loved it.  Because isn't that what crafting is all about after all?!  I can't wait to see how this puppy looks after being fired!  (yikes!)
A cupcake beauty.....the top comes off to hide treasures in.
Such Angry Birds!

And just like that my sister and I have four precious beings that fill up our hearts with overwhelming love.  I love my sister's boys so much.  She loves my kids just the same.  It's a really good feeling.  We love being together.  Laughing, helping each other out.  She's all over the discipline while you can find me cooking in the kitchen.  She comforts my child when I can't bear to deal with another melt down.  I comfort her child when he's freaking out about where he put something important and can't find it.  We are a good balance.  It was a really great trip.
Check out this cuteness!  What a great idea!  Straight off the pages of Pinterest!  
Now let's have lunch!  We are starving!
 We had a great lunch at The Pop Shop....
 Who doesn't love an "Order Breakfast Anytime of the Day" menu?
Bobby Flay had a Throwdown at The Pop Shop.
I ordered the sandwich called The Calvert which beat Bobby Flay in the throwdown.  It was fantastic.  I love Bobby Flay.  
So my love for Bobby continued when later in the week we ate at Bobby's Burger Palace.  Again, super delish.  Really fresh and quality ingredients but kinda pricey.  (I mean it's BF, yo!)  My sister and I split a Napa Valley Burger.  (Fresh goat cheese, watercress and Meyer lemon honey mustard)  
Although Liam looks mighty unhappy here, those milkshakes were divine!
(He hasn't gotten his picture face yet!)

Some great summer memories!

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