Thursday, August 30, 2012

Anatomy of a Birthday.....

It all started out with a lovely dinner with friends.  Catching up.  Good conversation and some laughs.  The kind of ease achieved with only old time pals.  Those that know you and love you anyway.  That's Kendall Jackson Chardonnay by the way.  It all seemed innocent and sophisticated.
This is a present from my sis.  Big-faced watch fabulousness.
This is my cousin Robb.  See, in this photo my shit is still so together.  But this is Bar #1! More cousins were present and one little teeny tiny measly 'ole shot was consumed.
This is after the second bar in which my sister had just ordered a fresh drink.  She looked at the bartender and said, "Can I take this with me?"  He replied, "I didn't see anything."  Remember folks, this is Small Town U.S.A.  Ya gotta love it!  So she promptly hid that drink in her large handbag as we got in the cab.  Perhaps now I'm three shots in.  I follow her lead and walk out to the cab like it's Vegas.  No, I'm not hiding my cup or trying to act like I don't have a drink in hand.  She yelled at me to "hide that shit."  
This is an old school gal pal.  We made her sit in the front seat of the cab.  You know how you always make somebody sit in the front of the cab like it's a big deal?  Like the cab driver is gonna bite you or something?!  These photos are blurry because, well, you know....I'm three or more SHOTS of alcohol into the night.  What the hell people?  I don't do shots.  I'm smarter than that.  I'm better than that.  I'm years removed from college drinking days!  But for some reason my celebratory status got the best of me and my good intentions.
Yet another old school good pal.  Is that a drink I see in her hand or is she holding my drink?  Heck if I know!  She is perhaps blowing me a kiss.  A kiss to build a dream on.  A dream of not having serious issues after thinking I can just rock shots like I'm from the mutha f'ing Jersey Shore yo.  Snooki I am not!
This photo says it all.  Fun time Charlie I AM!
Sure, Sure.....let's rock a "hold the camera up and do a self-portrait shot in the middle of a dark bar."  This would be bar #3.  The bar with the band.  And cabbing around your hometown is fun and cheap.  No meter was running and the cab driver put up with a lot of shenanigans!
Classic Sister.  Pick up the c.b. and do a little "breaker breaker 1-9."
Oh, but somebody else wants in on the action!  Sure, it's understandable.  It's fun.
Just a little dark and shadowy cab ride.....still keeping up with my mood shots.
Yes, she was touching the cab driver.
And this is where my birthday photo journal ends my friends. Some live music, a shout out from the band and they may have sang Happy Birthday to me or perhaps I just made that up.  I do know that by midnight the whole night was over.  My sister was none too happy about that.  But in the morning she said it was probably for the best!  After a few drinks sister likes to get her fight on.  Not really, but she likes to act like she wants to fight.  And then all her peeps gather round and suggest that they "have her back."  We got out alive!  

I won't go into detail about the "let's step outside" suggestion from my cousin's wife.  (All she did was ask me if I was okay!)  I won't explain why we had to abruptly pull over on the cab drive home.  But one can still learn big life lessons at the age of 41.  Hell to the no on shots.  I thought I had it down but apparently I needed a little reminder.

Hey, in the end it's a good story!  I'm 41 and I've never been better.  Here's to many more (shot-free!) years!  

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