Thursday, August 23, 2012

Back to School....

We have a plate on the kitchen island that you can change the message on by writing with a dry erase marker.  Lauren got down to business the day before school started and wrote herself a message!  It indeed is time for back to school.  It's nice to get back into the routine of proper bedtimes and baths, schedules and the general good feeling that comes from the changing season.  I adore Fall.
My sister is in town this week with her boys and I dropped them off at my Mom's house last weekend.  She graciously kept Evan (who doesn't start pre-school until after Labor Day) so he could bond with her and his cousins.  She has called his week with her "Auntie Boot Camp" and she has apparently whipped him into shape.  Lauren and I took advantage of our alone time with a lovely lunch and some shopping on the drive home.  This sign says it all.  I have not even raised my voice in three days!  So, as if we didn't already know this, Evan is why I yell!

It has been good for my mental health to have this time alone with her.  Yesterday was a day for me to just DO whatever I wanted during the day without being interrupted a thousand times.  I took a shower and got ready alone.  It was glorious.  I went for a long walk/run and listened to music.  I did errands.  I vegged on the couch for 45 minutes.  I was almost in a panic to use up all the precious minutes alone.  It's not easy to fully relax after a summer with two kids attached to my hip.  But I have a feeling I'll get accustomed mighty quick!  

Miss Goldstein!
 Whale-come Back!
I still want to be a teacher just so I can rock some really cool bulletin boards!
Open house had a completely different vibe this year.  No tears, just anticipation and excitement.  I've decided that being a mother means conquering one big milestone, processing all the emotions and preparing for the next climb to the top of the roller coaster.
 She makes it easy.  She's ready to move on.  
 I'm ready for her to really start reading the chapter books.  "I'm going to have homework tonight Mom" she said on the walk to the bus stop this morning.  
She still wants to hold my hand.  I'm happy about that.

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