Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Cooking Craze...

Wearing my  vintage apron in the kitchen tonight...
 loving my necklaces....
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big bow on my apron...

I've been cooking a lot lately.  I haven't photographed or shared a recipe in a long time.  I'm settling back into a school routine with Lauren and Evan will begin next week.  I love sharing recipes and will continue doing so this fall.  Nothing beats a cool Fall day with a house smelling delicious and an afternoon coffee while cozy on the couch with a quilt.  Bring on Fall.  I've got colored tights and long skirts matched with sweaters to rock!
Here are the recipes I have made in the past few days:
Ice Cream Freezer Pops": (Lauren has taken a great interest in watching The Pioneer Woman on the Food Network and she wanted to make this treat for her cousins)
Kid Friendly Pasta Salad :(also from PW, Lauren loved this and ate bowfuls!)  I always say the key to good eating is to get your kids involved and/or grow it in the garden and watch them eat it!
Peach Crisp with Maple Creme Sauce: I made this for my sister who loves peach pie.  The maple creme sauce is more than you will need and it keeps well in the fridge and is to die for!
Cinnamon Baked French Toast: I made this the night before my sister and the kids had to head to the airport.  So easy, so good.  I used the leftover maple creme sauce AND maple syrup AND whipped creme and blueberries!  Hello!  I love a baked dish for breakfast that you prepare the night before.  Couldn't be easier!
Cold Asian Noodle Salad:  I made this for dinner tonight.  So good I couldn't stop eating it!  (and for those of you who know me, I typically don't enjoy eating the food I prepare!) The soba noodles were a must!  I added chicken, grilled mushrooms, chopped garlic and ginger in the dressing and used red cabbage instead of napa cabbage.  I also added chopped jicima.
Dry Rubbed Beef Brisket:  Hubs cooked this on the grill and I used a sweet mesquite rub from Costco.  I rubbed A LOT of it on the brisket 24 hours in advance of cooking.

I also purchased the ingredients for Pasta with Pancetta and Leeks by Pioneer Woman.  I'm on a PW kick after watching her show on the Food Network.

What have YOU been cooking lately? : )


  1. I've been cooking/baking a ton, too. Swiss chard and zucchini tart; pumpkin muffins; chocolate-zucchini cake; crustless greens quiche; homemade soft pretzels; homemade roasted tomato sauce (for the freezer); roasted cherry tomatoes (also); chocolate-chip cookies; whole-wheat chocolate crinkle cookies. :)

  2. Oops! Forgot: also apple-cinnamon multi-grain muffins. :)