Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Drive Home.....

After Cave of the Mounds weekend we departed from our friends house and decided to take the long way home, or rather, ditch the traffic and see what roads may lead to where!  And wouldn't you know it....we stumbled upon a winery.  The wine Gods were with me!  Hubs said, "Let's freestyle it!"  (Which is a phrase that the American Pickers use on the show!)  
Every glance was worth a photograph.
The grapes were full and lush and ready for picking!
The McEachran Homestead was settled in 1857 by John McEachran, Great Great Grandfather of Herbert Greenlee, the current owner.  And we met him and chatted with him!  So much history and culture and connection to the was a gem of a drive down a long ride!  I saw the sign that said winery ahead and hubs didn't even flinch.  He just kept driving and said to the kids, "Mom likes these kind of places."  Yep!
Sissy & Buddy in a moment of sibling love....
First one to touch the barn wins!
A future wine lover?
Is it wrong that I just said that?!

Lauren used the map on my phone to guide us back to the highway.  She is really into weather, maps, radar and I suspect a scanner if we had one! (Right BeBe?!!!)  Hubs is so patient with these teaching moments.  He would go miles out of the way if she said to turn left when he knew we really needed to go right.  At some point she started crying because she didn't want to make a wrong turn.  I might have pulled the plug on the game at that point!  But overall it was a lovely surprise on our drive home.  I will indeed "freestyle" it more often and I highly recommend it!

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