Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Little Big Things....

First grade begins tomorrow morning.  The backpack and lunch pack is out on the kitchen table.  We have discussed lunch and snack options.   Her outfit is laid out on her bed.  She is showered and tucked into bed for the night. She went to bed too late, but how can I  change her bedtime so drastically tonight after a summer of willy nilly bedtimes?
Last night at open house we felt like old pros.  Pure happiness and laughter.  She pointed to the school bus parked outside the school for kids to check out.  We joked that she indeed didn't need to do that this time. Because in just a short time everything has changed.  She is laying the groundwork for her brother. 

Last year I just held back tears the whole time, kinda feeling like I was sleepwalking in a dream.  The time had come.  Bittersweet excitement.  She rocked Kindergarten.  
She can tie her shoes now.
She knows how to pump her legs on the swing after I give her a big push to get started.
Someday, if she chooses, she is gonna be an incredible mother.  She's an amazing sister.
I love her so much that I feel my heart swell when I look at her toothless grin and shiny red hair.
This Mom job does not come without crazy challenges and frustrations.
But I wouldn't trade it for anything.
No doubt she will grow taller and wiser this school year.
I'm pretty sure life is never about the big things.
Just the little things that feel really big.

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  1. Ahhhhh! Tears! My Genevieve is the same grade as Lauren. I know JUST how you feel. I would give you a high five if I was there with you in person. Good job, Mom! You have prepared her for the things she will face today (and always), and you're an amazing mom!