Thursday, November 1, 2012

All Hallows Eve....

Rock Star Zombie 
(which we literally threw together after school....we did a brief google search the night before and this is proof that you have all you need inside your house for a good costume!  Sheesh, those store-bought cheap pieces of crap kill me.  Oh wait, I bought one for Evan!!!)
Per our friend Bern, you can't be in a creepy costume and smile!  So after the above smiling photo I warned her that Bern would not approve so she gave me the scare!  (I had all the makeup and special effect skin left over from last year)
 Captain America
(I like to call him Captain Anderson!) I got this costume at Costco for $15.  It will go into the playroom costume box and get much more use so I justified the purchase.  A boy cannot wear pink tutu's forever!
The eye holes didn't work out so well with matching up with his so we just rigged a beanie cap!
We used a white shirt from my closet, dad's tie and all the rest of Lauren's outfit was from her closet.  She kept saying, "But that doesn't match Mom."  (Um, that's the point sis!)  Apparently Evan is telling you he's #1 in this photo!
The annual candy bucket....may the teenagers not take the whole thing after we leave!
I presume we live in a civilized neighborhood in which no such gourds or pumpkins will be thrown about in good teen fun.  What is with all the teenagers trick or treating?  (Our candy bucket and porch were unscathed!)  We headed out to a different neighborhood with our friends.  A neighborhood in which the houses are packed tightly together and  trick or treating is therefore much easier and quicker!
 Evan and Ava
 Lauren's besties:  Ava & Lula
 My friend Nancy captioned this one:  "Evan is clearly distraught over the loss of Frank..."
 Thing 1 & Thing 2....
 The whole gang....I especially love the creepster handing out candy in the door!
 That's how we roll....
 Creeping out....
Don't mess with this zombie....
Yes this was an adult.  On his porch.  Not saying a word while his wife handed out candy and giggled her arse off.  I was slightly freaked until Evan yelled "Who are you?" To which he replied in a creepy voice, "Jimmy the Clown."  OMG.  Freak.  Evan wasn't afraid of any of the super creepy costumes but would just yell, "Who are you?!"  Gotta love it!
 Racing to the next porch for more candy!
 Evan's face is awesome!
 The sky was appropriately eerie...

The neighborhood we ventured into has (obviously) a Halloween freak show.  This guy spent a good month rigging up the outside of his house into a haunted one, complete with front yard cemetery.  I've driven the kids past it many times while they discussed if they would be brave enough to go up to the door.  There were lasers, spraying skeletons, lights, sounds.....a full interactive freak fest.
 The front door had someone handing out candy...
But if you went through the little spook house in the garage you got a skull key chain.  Lauren is proudly displaying hers on her backpack today!  This electric chair was complete with smoke and lights and sounds.
Apparently this guy has way too much time and money on his hands.  I mean this was so much stuff you'd need a storage facility to house it all in!  At this point, Evan bowed out of any more spook.

 Even the guys motorcycle was rigged with lights and a skeleton!
 My favorite shot of the night.  My pal Bobbi said, "I smell an academy award!"
 This neighborhood goes all out....
 Sorting her loot....
Now time to head home and shower off all the makeup and calm down from the sugar high!

Another successful All Hallows Eve 2012.

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  1. Love it! What a ton of fantastic photos! So much fun. :) And the costumes are great!!!