Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Holiday Spray Paint....

How long has it been since I've spray painted something?  Nothing like a can of glossy red spray paint to bring on the cheer right?  This idea comes from my pal Ashley.  She had big giant black NOEL letters on a shelf in her home and I completely thought they were vintage metal letters that she cleverly thrifted and displayed in such a cool manner....NO on one shelf and EL right below.  

Nope, they were these simple cardboard letters from Jo Ann's Fabric or Michael's.  (remember to find a coupon in your local Sunday paper....they have one every week)  So this idea gets even better when it gets cheaper!
GOD JUL means in Merry Christmas in Swedish...
(and Danish and Norwegian)
So easy and such a great gift.  I used GOD JUL as a hostess gift for Swedish friend who was hosting a party last Saturday night.  She LOVED it!  You could also do this in non-Christmas colors and do a family last night.  It would look great for a family that has a big fireplace mantel.  

The possibilities are endless....I went with the small sized cardboard letters (less of a commitment and less trouble deciding where to put them) but they have a range of sizes.  Even one big letter representing the family last name would be cool!
Christmas Love Dogs....

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