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The Obvious Game by Rita Arens....

Rita Arens writes the blog Surrender, Dorothy (I've been reading it for years) and has very exciting news:  all her hard work, long hours, tears, and self-doubt have been WORTH IT!  Her first young adult novel, THE OBVIOUS GAME will be published on February 7, 2013, two days after her thirty-ninth birthday.  She did it!  She made it happen!  It's all very exciting and amazing and I can only imagine what it must feel like to look at the cover photo of your very own book.  

Those of us who follow Rita's blog know how much effort it has taken Rita to get here and we applaud her!  We relish in her joy!  We wish her major success!  What a journey Rita!  Thank you for making a difference in the eating disorder community.


Rita Arens
A short excerpt from the book:
When we were in seventh grade, Amanda and I snuck out of her house one foggy Saturday night to meet her boyfriend, Matt. We spent more time planning our escape than we did actually conducting it.
We’d made a list while pretending to do our homework:
Wrap flashlights with black electrical tape. (check)
Make fake bodies out of pillows to hide in our sleeping bags. (check)
Booby-trap her bedroom door with string across the threshold so we could see if her mom had tried to check on us. (check)
Assemble all-black outfits, complete with stocking caps, so we would blend in with the shadows as we walked. (check)
Arrange the rendezvous point ahead of time with Matt: the third-grade playground at the elementary school. (check)
It wasn’t until we’d successfully shimmied down the fence, jogged the four blocks up the street, and seen Matt sitting there alone on the seesaw that I realized I had nothing at all to do while they giggled and kissed. I’d been so caught up in the planning portion of our escape that I didn’t notice how pathetic my part in it seemed.
I twirled on the swings across the playground and out of view, once again pretending to be totally cool with it. The thing was, though, I wasn’t cool with it. I felt about as important as the guy who wrote the cooking instructions for Pop-Tarts.
We probably would’ve stayed there for hours if I hadn’t finally strode over to the jungle gym, coughing and kicking rocks as I went. Amanda poked her head out.
“What’s up, Diana?”
“Can we go soon? I forgot to bring a book.”
Her expectant smile turned sour. “Okay,” she finally said, disappearing in the darkness. “Just five more minutes.”
I wandered to the edge of the playground, thought about turning back on my own, letting her get caught out there by herself. But I wouldn’t. That’s what friends are for. She knew it. I knew it.
Everyone trusted me. Good old dependable Diana. Which was why most people didn’t notice at first that I was in trouble.

To be available at all major online outlets: Amazon, B&N, The Book Depository

About The Author:
Rita Arens is the author of THE OBVIOUS GAME and the editor of the award-winning parenting anthology SLEEP IS FOR THE WEAK. She writes the popular blog Surrender, Dorothy ( and lives in Kansas City with her husband and daughter. THE OBVIOUS GAME is her first young adult novel. She is at work on a second.

 She’s been quoted by Bloomberg BusinessweekThe Associated PressForbes Woman, the Wall Street JournalBusinessweek andBusinessweek Online and featured in Breathe magazine, Get Your Biz SavvyThe Kansas City Star (archived material available on request),Today Moms (Today Show blog) and Ink KC.

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