Thursday, December 6, 2012

Vintage Gems...

New treasures have arrived from my Mother-in-Law's closet!  (She passed away almost two years ago and my FIL is still finding things here and there and sharing the wealth of her wardrobe) At first glance this might scare you.  Pretty FAB 80's with knit/angora!  I've always been a sucker for angora.  I got a sweater from the Gap in eighth grade that was black with white angora bows through the top.  I adored that sweater!
Do you remember this name brand?  I'm a vintage and modern name brand name geek and slightly idiot savant when it comes to remembering labels.  Size 6 I am not, but it's worth a try!  (The sweater at least!)
Do you know how difficult it is to photograph yourself?  These mirrors were in my mom's bedroom and now they adorn my bedroom walls.  I love them.  I thought this shot was kinda cool.  That is also my mom's belt. It's stretchy with "scales" of silver all around.
Here's the glorious sweater!  I was channeling Krystal Carrington from Dynasty.  The fact I remember her name just shows you how old I am and what kind of TV I watched in my youth! (things haven't changed much!)  I watched Dynasty and Falcon Crest at my Grandma Kushman's house every Friday night when she babysit my sister and me!  It also included popcorn popped in the air-popper and hot chocolate.  Good memories!
And just FEAST YOUR EYES on this bracelet of mom's.  As a child I would fantasize about this bracelet, putting it on (it's heavy!) and dreaming of where you would wear such a piece of jewelry.  It turns out, a SAHM wears it to the grocery store or it won't get worn much!
side view...
belt close up...
matching earrings!
clips, but comfortable enough to wear all day!
another sweater shot...I turned the shoulder pads in so I wasn't quite so 80's!
Do you know how many stinkin' photos I took of myself trying to get a good shot and/or detail of the sweater?  
Okay, enough already!  You get the idea!  I got so many compliments on the sweater all day.  I even sent my FIL in a photo and asked him to give me any stories to Kerstin (MIL) wearing the whole ensemble.  It's a good thing my SIL Lisa and I have completely different taste!
Do you remember this plaid?  Isn't it called "buffalo plaid"? Up next: wearing this long skirt with boots and some denim and hell, I'm bringing the 80's back one vintage piece of clothing at a time!


  1. You could wear a frikken garbage bag and make it look fantastic! Do you know how rediculous my chest would look in that sweater? And not redic in a good way. XO

  2. Awesome!!!! Also, yes, it is very hard to take self-photos. I know this intimately. Also, I love those mirrors as well. Jealous. Lastly, that bracelet!!! OMG, love it.