Thursday, January 17, 2013

American Girl Doll Place....

Lauren & Halle
Cleaning up all the photos on my camera and the computer today.  Sharing these for the relatives really.  But you may enjoy looking at a cute red head too!  : )
Lauren got a last minute invite to take a trip downtown go to AG in Water Tower Place.  How cool is that?We have the best neighbors ever.  We quickly said yes and I had her "prom-ready" in 22 minutes flat.  Hair, makeup and outfit....I'm that good.
The whole gang with all the dollies....
I have been informed by my neighbor bestie that AG lunch is quite delightful.  That the mom's like it just as much as the girls do.
Who wouldn't like to get all dressed up, get your doll all dressed up and head to the city for a lovely lunch?  Sign me up!
Lauren & Ava got glasses for their dolls....
These kids have a very fabulous life. Next week we volunteer at the soup kitchen.  (kidding, but really!)  It is always a struggle to balance such a charmed life with the explanation of reality for so many other children and family.  It is a constant conversation in our house.  January brought a new incentive program in the house with charts and stars and rewards.  Parenthood just never ends.  That is the good part and the exhausting part all in the same!  It's why I breathe a huge exhale after the nightly tuck-in.  

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  1. What a wonderful little girl fantasy day! You are such a good Mom to give Lauren this experience! Love Anne