Tuesday, January 8, 2013

City Fun...

First Annual Anderson Family (new Christmas vacation tradition) photos continued....
Hotel cuties...
First cab ride!
Very serious for first cab ride!
Reza's for dinner...
Chocolate cake mustache...
(so not gluten free!)
How could we NOT take this photo?!
Lauren was obsessed with the NBC Tower building......Someday you will be getting your nightly Chicago land weather report from meteorologist Lauren Anderson, broadcasting from the NBC Towers!
The hotel pool was by far the kids favorite thing about our weekend get-away.  It was not however Mom and Dad's!!!  I forget to bring life vests or arm floaters for Evan so somebody had to go in with him.  Friday night I told hubs he was taking one for the family team.  
We got lucky on Saturday night and Evan didn't want to go in the pool so we lounged poolside with drinks instead.  Evan enjoyed throwing the football to his sissy and her new-found friends.  All the while I freaked out he was going to slip and fall in the water and we would have to dive in to save him!  Sissy found some friends to play with in the pool and was wearing a bikini and basically wanted nothing to do with us.  (I began flashing forward to how life will soon be with a teenager!)
Saturday morning we hit State Street Macy's windows...
(always was and always will be my dream job!)
Gorgeous ceiling in the old Marshall Field building on State Street.  (It will always be MF's to me!)
Walnut Room Christmas tree... (and a little Starbucks to gear up for a loooong day at the Field Museum)  I sure love the city but I most certainly love to come home to the suburbs!

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  1. Ooooh boy, you sure know how to make a girl miss the old days living in Chicago! :) Back when I was in my 20s and didn't have kids yet, and the city was my husband's and my playground! (When we weren't working our tails off earning our Ph.D.s that is...) Oh, and I agree--it will always be Marshall Field's!!! Did you stay at the Drake??? Couldn't tell from the photos.