Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Field Museum...

Dad & Lauren and SUE!
Chicago Field Museum
Anderson Family weekend in the city...
A very busy museum weekend!  A reported 7,000 people in and out all day!
So much to see and do and learn.....somewhat overwhelming!
This city will always be in my heart.  So many good memories and treasured times.
Dino's, Dino's....
and more Dino's!
Evan inside of a dino footprint...
65 million years ago......kinda hard to fathom.
Happy to have inquisitive children....(they might have had more interest than me at times!)
"from so simple a beginning endless forms most beautiful and most wonderful have been, and are still being, evolved..."  ~Charles Darwin
My Love.  My Lauren.
Fellow butterfly lover.

                     Digging for fossils...                                                              "LOOK MOM!"
Sharing a treat....
Totem pole (and what would appear to be a crazy face)
Fashion at the Field Museum? Why, yes!
"I like the glitter one best."

Okay friends, this is the last of the Chicago weekend posts.  I'm ready for food and craft posts and an upcoming long weekend in Austin, TX with a bunch of friends for a wedding of a fellow bestie!  OMG!  A long weekend away from the house, hubs and kids!  I might go into some sort of shock!  AND, my sister will be in Austin as well!  BONUS!  

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