Monday, April 22, 2013

Alive Again....

Friends, it's been forever.  I have so much spilling over my heart and soul and mind.  So very much to share.  But I'm not quite ready yet.  And I told myself today that just because I haven't written in over a month doesn't mean I'm not a writer.  On my run today this song came on my ipod and it always fills me with joy and love.  When my Dad died a friend sent me this Warren Zevon album.  He wrote this particular song knowing he was dying.  So I just embraced the tears and filled my mind with the flashbacks of all that was good, all that was precious and shared between my Mom and I.  I felt her strength fill my cells with healing and understanding.

So this is what I share today.  Until next time....
It's Art Show time at school again for L.  Reflecting on the past so we can move forward, stronger, into the future.  "You always think you will have more time."

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  1. Tricia, you have a true gift to write what is in your heart. You are still traveling thru the painful stages of grief .. first Shock, Stage Two is expressing that emotion, Stage Three Depressed and Very Lonely (even with others around you), Stage Four is Physical Symptoms of Distress, Stage Six Panicky, Stage Seven Sense of Guilt about the Loss, Stage Seven we are Filled with Anger and Resentment (that is hard. you DO resent others for having their loved one when you do not!), Stage Eight, we resist Returning, Stage Nine Gradually Hope Comes Through, and finally Ten We Struggle to Affirm Reality .. I know your Pain, as I went thru it when I lost Jeff. Life does go on, but the memories you will carry in your heart will be with you always. The Stages of Grief are written in a wonderful publication called Good Grief .. this booklet helped me immensely. I loved your Mom so much, and I grieve with you.

    Love Anne