Friday, April 25, 2014


Somewhere, in some closet, in some house, in some neighborhood, a book is tucked into a shelf...neighboring next to other most important, loved and read books.
It is a book read at least twice.
Once highlighted in yellow and then black and blue ink.
Most important words underlined...words that helped heal.
Words of understanding and commonality served to UNLOCK another.
The book traveled in a suitcase to New Jersey-to Boston-via mail to Chicago and took a long journey via cars and shuttles and airplanes and ferries...back to the woman who wrote the words.
It was full circle, as so much of life is if your eyes are open...Back to the woman who used a black pen to sign her sentiment to the reader.
Did she understand her powerful words would scatter into the world?
Did she feel their importance while typing and writing and releasing her pain to paper?
I take heed of her suggestion.
I will bravely keep telling my story.
Only I can tell it.

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