Tuesday, June 3, 2014

There and Here....

This is for my friend Josefine who is moving back to Sweden with her family this week after five years of living in the U.S. Her going away party was on Saturday night and when I thought about what I could give her as a gift, I realized my words are the best gift I could ever give.  So on May 17, 2014 I wrote these words to her.
Josefine is a wonderful photographer and mother and I have learned and laughed with her in the time I have known her.

Until we Meet Again...

White tulips wrapped in brown paper.
Always a smile and a hug.
Inviting me in like a new season.
Sharing words; stories of childhood, comparing feelings of a mother's decline and motherhood-
such highs and lows.

Brave face, strong heart.
Traveling by plane to a new land.
Finding you, Finding me.
You pack boxes and sell lamps.
You take down pictures that hang on a wall you called home.
You make arrangements, phone calls and cancel contracts.
You considered staying.
The heart, she's a fickle one.
Stay. Go.
Guilty if I stay, sad to see you go.

The thread unravels- hold one end while I hold the other.
Home can be found in new lands, but if you take a look around,
really see things with new eyes...You've been here all along.
You remain a little bit here, a little bit there.
Returning to familiar language, people, smells.

Sometimes you wanted to be there more than here.
But what is "there" or "here"?
Red dots on a map or the pathways to the heart?

And when I mail you my family Christmas card this year I'll put on two stamps instead of one.
It will travel by air and boat across countless cloud filled skies and when it reaches you the pathways of our hearts will connect again.

U.S.A.  ***************** Gothenburg, Sweden

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