Thursday, February 18, 2016

Find What Works...

Hi Friends!

I'm on You Plus 2 Parenting today as day 17 in a series called "28 Days of Play" and I'd love for you to take a quick read and share if you feel inclined. Motherhood is my greatest joy in life but nobody said it was easy! Do you play with your kids? Like really get down on the floor and play? This series is all about how we play, why we don't and how we manage, struggle and delight in playing with our kids.

I love that when we share our stories we realize we are so much more alike in our struggles and joy, than different. As I was trying to find photos to submit with this piece, I realized I have very few photos of me with the kids.  I'm always behind the lens!  I'm going to make it a point to get in more photos this year. Also, going down memory lane with all the photos of the kids when they were little is heart swelling!

From Rachel Cedar, Founder of You Plus 2 Parenting:
28 Days of Play, Day 17: Starting today with a wonderfully relatable post by mom & friend Tricia Kushman Anderson. She reminds us to find what works for us in play, embrace it, and revel in our small victories along the way.
"We do a face off and the foam puck goes sliding on the tile, making its way to the net that comes up to my knee. I quickly score and really allow myself to get into the spirit of this game. I laugh out loud and feel my competitive spirit kick in. Look at me! I’m not just enduring this, I’m having fun! I’m a cool mom!